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Bergen, Hordaland, Norway

Bergen, Hordaland, Norway
Band EDM Pop


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Ugress impressed with mad scientist-funk at Lost Weekend Festival."

Ugress impressed with mad scientist-funk at Lost Weekend Festival.

Ugress has a way to a transform regular concert stages into a groovy, bubbling pot of hissing scientific experiments. Gisle Martens Meyer (wearing a white coat) took the stage at Lost Minor as a mad scientist of rank, flanked by guest drummer The Igor.

The duo had successfully let vocalists stay behind, and kept the show focus on voice samples and clips from old monster movies. This made the music even more suggestive, and nothing took the focus away from the beats Meyer served. Rhythms are heavily organic, with noisy funk and conspiratorial overtones that hammered the dancing crowd into joy.

At the same time, Ugress has better stage toys and visuals than most, with a handful of computers, four monitors, big screen, and not least, electronic boards of various functions. This is a band that definitely works better live than recorded.

The set included a spiced up edition of "Spider Man Theme" from the album "Resound", through favorites like "Reason to Believe" from the same plate, to bollywood-beat tendencies from "Cinematronics" and not least a wonderful heavy version of "Regression 22" from the last album. Even Meyer was sky fallen by the response from the audience, who danced and ravaged front of the stage.

Bergens Tidende, review of live show, Lost Weekend Festival, 2008
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- Bergens Tidende


Reminiscience, LP 2009
Schizophonica, EP 2009
Unicorn, LP 2008
The B Vault, LP 2008
Chromosome Corrupt, EP 2007
Kosmonaut, EP 2006
Film Music - Selected Cues, LP 2006
Retroconnaissance, EP 2006
Sophisticated Wickedness, EP 2006
Cowboy Desperado, LP 2005
Cinematronics, LP 2004
La Passion De Jeanne D'Arc, LP 2003
Resound, LP 2002
E-pipe EP, LP 2000



Ugress is the science-fiction based pop-electronica project from Norwegian artist and composer Gisle Martens Meyer, often with guest artists.

Ugress has always operated in their own ways, choosing unexpected paths, carving out a unique route towards a livelihood in music through film music, and a strong sense of independence.

First full album was released in 2002, and ever since Ugress has patiently grown and built its own global empire, with a steady stream of releases on various labels, remixes, live shows, guest musicians and vocalists, and not at least by writing popular music to film and TV.

The cinematic and visual aspect of the music is what ties it all together, especially with the live shows - where multiple projections transform the concerts into packed, dancing movie theaters. Ugress often deliberately prefer the option of exclusive, exotic locations, situations and opportunities for live shows, over traditional touring circuits.

Ugress runs own label Uncanny Planet since 2006, retaining all sync and publishing rights and releasing own albums. Latest album Reminiscience (2009) is available in iTunes, Spotify and all other major digital music retailers.