Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA

Ultimate creative freedom.


I started making music under the moniker Magister Ludi, after the Hermann Hesse novel, in high school. Over the years, I've made grindcore music under the name Gwindcore Band, had a short-lived stint playing guitar for a punk band called Getting Head Playing Metal Gear Solid While Being Spoonfed Cheesecake by an Ewok. Needless to say, things were getting out of hand as far as names went. I could never decide how I wanted people to perceive me. So why not the most commonly uttered word in almost every language? That utterance that people use to fill space? Surely that would mean that every individual had already said my name... It would mean nothing new to anyone. Possibly nobody would think of me as anything at all... I think that's a good thing in today's market-driven society where practically anybody can copy anybody and be successful.

My music is whatever comes out of me at the moment. I'm not a very social person, and I've never been good at communicating with people unless I have a guitar in my hand. Now I even sing. Go figure.


Magister Ludi - & (2007)
Magister Ludi - Pale Fire (2007)
Magister Ludi - Oklahoma Is Boring (2008)
Magister Ludi - Water EP (2009)
Gwindcore Band: the El Eduardo's Rubbery Chubster Band and the Buttered Nipples Part Deux Playing "Just gNubbing It" (feat. Ronnie and the Chubchasers) - Nothin' But Rock (2009)
Uh - Laboratory EP (2009)
Uh - Madisonville Beauties (2010)