North York, Ontario, CAN

Kirty is a emotive live performer who can hold an audience solo or with her full four piece band. She writes all of the material, sings, plays guitar and harmonica and leads with enthusiasm. Her music and voice has been compared to artists like Kathleen Edwards and Sarah Harmer though she holds a unique sound of her own which captivates and endears.


One part Taylor Whittaker and one part Nickie Minshall, UKAE was technically born when the pair met in grade three. The two wee tots would get together over peanut butter and butter (yes, we said peanut butter and butter) sandwiches and crank out various renditions of Stand By Me in their parents' basements. Even as youngsters they were a natural musical match, and although the ridiculously adorable elementary school duo did, unfortunately, fall apart, the group was reincarnated years later in August 2012. This time over beers, not sandwiches.

UKAE is a Toronto-based indie band featuring Taylor's raspy and oh-so-manly voice working in tandem with Nickie's sweet and soulful sound. This combo coupled with Taylor's organic knack for catchy guitar riffs makes for some pretty awesome tunes that will stick in your head for days. Years, maybe. Well-versed in uncommon, tasty covers (think Pursuit of Happiness and Where Is My Mind) as well as a growing roster of heartfelt originals, UKAE's sound adds something new and different to Toronto's music scene.

Having recently finished recording four acoustic demo tracks, UKAE plans to release a full-length album in 2013. Stay tuned.