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Creating their style from a fusion of Drum and Bass, Rap Metal and Electronica, UKID are an energetic, cutting-edge four-piece with powerful tunes and lyrics that bite back!


Creating their style from a fusion of Drum and Bass, Rap Metal and Electronica, UKID are an energetic, cutting-edge four-piece with powerful tunes and lyrics that bite back!

From the infectious melodies of ‘Crooks’, ‘Good Looks’ and ‘Fall In Line’ to the darker, more hard-hitting ‘Drugs’, ‘Freedom Of Speech’ and ‘Fallen’, the UKID song sheet is loud and raw—like the band’s live performance!

UKID have been together now for just over 2 years, and have 70+ gigs under their belt, having played many venues up and down the country, from Bristol, Bath and Glastonbury in the South West to Reading, Staines and Woking in the South East and even up as far as Birmingham, Stoke, Stafford and Walsall in the Midlands. They have also played several London venues, including Camden’s Dublin Castle and Hoxton’s Mother Live.

More recently UKID have been selected for an exclusive collaboration and sponsorship deal with a leading UK fashion brand, and a national promotion campaign is planned for the spring of 2013. Their track ‘Fallen’ has been chosen as the title track for the brand’s promo video, in which UKID will feature prominently, while lead singer Ben-Jah will feature in the brand’s campaign advert.

In parallel with this campaign UKID are currently recording their first single and album, which are due for release in the spring of 2013 to coincide with the campaign.

And oh yeah ... their latest EP, ‘Crooks’, was released in September 2012, and is available for download on Bandcamp!



Written By: Ben-Jah Jon

Crooks in my government
peado's on my police force
rich and poor unbalanced like seesaws
having faith in your government won't cease wars
and like outside decking it will only increase flaws
fake idols being praised on my T.V
promoting morals and ethics that are sleazy
it's hard to be real but to be fake it is easy
so hungry for the truth because nobody will feed me


Written By: Ben-Jah Jon

Verse 1
So i was watching Hollyoaks the other day
and they were giving drugs a bad press
when the most they've properly ever had is paracetamol and a cold compress
from the night before they were drinking, stinking of kebabs
the only buzz they got from white powder was probably Dib-Dabs
so there telling me there telling you how to run your life
telling you who's a suitable husband who's a suitable wife
don't believe all the stuff you hear on T.V coz not all of it's the truth
next time you hear of someone taking drugs don't hit the roof

Verse 2
Don't know anything about the subject
then you ain't got a leg to stand on
so don't go in head first and take the situations hands on
coz this is the problem with people these days
shoot there mouth off question later in there ignorant ways
coz theres to much of this, to less of that
i've had it up to here with people talking crap
people to quick to judge spewing there verbal bile
but how can you blame them with influences like Jeremy Kyle

Pre Chorus
So I'm not promoting or sugar coating drugs
remember that x5

Just drinking, done with that
not thinking, done with that
nine till five, done with that
not feeling alive, I'm done with that
done work, done with that
delt with jerks, done with that
having a row, I'm done with that
i'm on new things now, i'll run with that

End Vocals
So think for yourself
coz thats the way forward


Written By: Ben-Jah Jon

Verse 1
All through my life I've had to deal with bullies
more likely to be a policeman than a hoodie
all the popular kids at school who thought it was cool to ridicule someone coz they look different
horrible cunts little runts, realise the damage you do when you manage to make someone feel so worthless
they resort to self harming
if society knew this they would'nt see these people as charming

Verse 2
You can see bullying all over the planet
humans causing havoc laying bombs down like granite
like the scientistic Israelis causing polava creating settlements in Palestine and Gaza
and even Obama is doing everything he can to create drama for the people of Afghanistan
bombing Pakistan and Ramadan there goes another man life feeling heavy metal like Damage Plan

So when your fallen down
and there's no one to pick you up
been kicked while your down
well I've come to make a sound


Written By: Ben-Jah Jon

Where the hell are your

Pre Chorus
Why does everybody sing about love
when there is so much hate

So where the hell are your balls you call your self an artist
singing bout the same thing all the time like your some kind of half wit
always blocking up are radios with songs about greed and sex
would it hurt you to just to change your subject or is that to complex

Verse 1
So I've had enough of your sex appeal your appeal is nil
so kneel down and feel the wrath of your record deal
until you lose the will and you sold your soul
just so you can be put on a hefty pay roll
so they use and abuse and defuse your feeling
mould and sculpt you till your sexually appealing
and reeling in, the crowds of pop culture
start you when your young and stop when your older

Verse 2
Ain’t come to confuse you metaphors i've come to list your flaws
your poor form kicking up a storm and closing doors
all you painted up slappers and crap rappers
all you wank bands and you toe tappers
not writing music but writing catchy shit
that any tom dick or harry can be matching it
cause all these artists these days have gotten lazy
pull down your skirt, grow a set, quote jayz

Good Looks Bad Intentions

Written By: Ben-Jah Jon

I walked into the battle curser then I saw her with my eyes, eyes eyes
the fittest thing i’ve ever seen in my life, no lies, lies lies
I didn't stand a chance, closet thing i probably get was a glance, glance glance
I didn't have the balls to go up to her and ask her for a dance, dance dance

Pre Chorus 1
Isn't it obvious he's just a prick
but I guess your made for each other

Pre Chorus 2
You may not read books but you've got good looks
and that will get you through life and strife

Just cause she's got good looks don't mean she's got good intentions
her personalities bout as fake as her extensions x2
how come your
so x12
and at the sometime your so bitchy
well I don't know

Verse 1
So it’s that rule of thumb, you’ve got good looks you've gotta be dumb
a nice pair of double d's and a nice bum is on your way to being number 1
now well not in my eyes, but i'm not like most guys
who cheats and tells lies, don't relies what they've got
but you females are just as bad, and thats what really drives me mad
you cheat and lie just the same, so don't cry and don't complain
your ex is nothing like me, so don't stereotype me
don't judge me by the clothes i wear by the way i act or do my hair

Verse 2
So I’ve had it with all you good-looking, girls with your diamonds and pearls
acting like your the dogs genitals, smothering your face in chemicals
covering your real identity, which is full of animosity
your so vain its so plain to see
so don't give me that don't give me that don't give me that don't give me that malarkey
that sweet innocent act you know is so sarky
and judging people just by there appearance
make their life a living hell just through your interference


Dole E.P - Released 1st July 2011.
Tracks - Dole, Sex Sells, Fall in Line.

Bad Looks Good Intentions E.P - Released 12th May 2012 by Phoenixx Records.
Tracks - Balls, Good Looks Bad Intentions, Attack of the Clones.

Crooks E.P - Released 8th September 2012
Tracks - Riser, Fallen, Crooks, Drugs

Our track 'Balls', as well as all the tracks on our 'Crooks' EP, are currently being played on Sub TV and various radio stations across the UK. Please listen out for them!

Set List

Good Looks Bad Intentions
Freedom of Speech
Fall in Line
Bad Breed