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Ula Ruth

Brooklyn, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Brooklyn, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Rock Indie




"Shake It Off"

Ula Ruth may just be the next up-and-coming indie rock sensation. Based in New York City, the members created their band to pay tribute to a family member who changed her identity when she moved to New York from Mississippi to obtain a fresh start, and to fulfill her dreams of becoming a singer. The band released their first full album Restless Nights last January, and now, they are premiering a video for one track off the album, "Shake It Off."

Directed by Rich Ruggiero, the video consists of a subtle boy-meets-girl storyline, through its own original and fresh approach. The "boy," played by Will and Ben Arland of The Ballroom Jacks, waits for a girl that he doesn't know, as those who surround him party and live their lives. Juxtaposed with the songs underlying message of the freedom of being young and changes in life, it is a delicate warning to those who wait for life to happen, instead of enjoying each moment as it comes. The video also features the band itself, showcasing lead singer Nic James belting his strong vocals, and artful shots of Guitarist Andrew LeCoche, Bassist Kevin Clymer and Drummer Luc James playing their best. - Baeble Music

"Restless Nights"


Our first feature of 2014 was Ula Ruth’s video for a smash called “Let Down” off of their new EP Restless Nights, and after hearing the first single we asked if we could get an early listen of the whole thing. After our advance listen we begged the guys to let us premiere this awesome 7 track collection of tunes, which is a solid 23 minutes of straightforward pop sensibility. Seriously, this is one of those rare records you can just let play–no need for a fast forward button, no skipped songs on this one.

There’s definitely a strong ’90s vibe to Restless Nights, where fuzzy guitars are paired with super clean leans and rattling bass lines. At first listen we noted a Better Than Ezra tone to singer Nick James voice, after spending time with these songs, we’ll also add there’s also a strong James feel as his soars over these choruses. We’re voting the fourth track on the EP, “Loser[,]” a hand clapping infectious jam as the follow-up single. Have a listen and see if you agree. - Nylon Guys

"Connecticut/NYC-based Ula Ruth have the makings of a classic Heartland Rock N Roll"

Connecticut/NYC-based Ula Ruth have the makings of a classic Heartland brand of rock n' roll, equally parts comforting and always in style, like that old pair of jeans you just pulled out of your closet to wear again this Spring. Merging alt-country with a penchant for large rock anthems, the quartet has just released their sophomore record 'Restless Nights,' revealing a larger sound to jump around to on stage (and plenty of room for frontman Nicholas James to stretch his pipes), while still keeping things rough around the edges.

See the video for Let Down below, and discover how to bake shitty tasting steaks and very messy (and possibly poisonous) cupcakes. Then catch them live when they play Rockwood Music Hall at 10pm Sat, April 19th. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets) - Mike Levine

"Let Down"

“Like a less ironically-bored Julian Casablancas, Ula Ruth’s frontman Nic James leads the quartet to “glamorous indie rock ‘n’ roll.” Their track “Let Down” is no let down, and it is a no holds barred introduction to the sound we can expect when their EP drops early next year. Equal parts The Strokes, Fun. and The Format, Ula Ruth have already made fans in Diffuser.FM and UNDG, so watch out when 2014 hits.”
- Robyn Brown, UNDG (Sep 22, 2013) - UNDG(Sept 22,22013

"Let Down"

“Ula Ruth consists of four fine lads from Connecticut whose songs resemble the steady pop of the Strokes combined with the playful nature of the Format. To most, this amalgam wouldn’t seem that interesting. But by golly, they pull it off well. The band’s brand-new ‘Let Down,’ premiering here on Diffuser.fm, tells a story we all know: A person you’ve fallen for just won’t return the feeling 100 percent. It’s a maddeningly lonely sensation that only a songwriter can truly put in words. “I was sitting on my friend’s couch, just moping about feeling like an idiot that I had just gotten played by this girl I really fancied,” singer Nic James tells Diffuser.fm. “It’s definitively a pop song, but in the old way. I think that way is cooler. For anyone who has ever felt ‘Let Down,’ cheers, this one’s for you.” When James stops the music to say “F— it,” you’re about to be treated to a blistering solo. Enjoy — and watch for Ula Ruth’s upcoming EP, du”
- Cameron Matthews, Diffuser.fm (Aug 21, 2013) - Cameron Matthews, Diffuser.fm (Aug 21, 2013

"Ula Ruth "Restless Night""

Ula Ruth
Restless Nights

December 3, 2013

Ula Ruth is a “fresh from the oven” band making their own tasty style of delicious power-alt-pop and they are about to break out of their Connecticut home base with their debut EP Restless Nights. Made up of brothers Nic and Luc James, Kevin Clymer and Andrew LeCoche, Ula Ruth hits all the right notes. The music is tight and tense, pushing an overall sense of being excited and amazed by this big crazy world.

What really stands out about them is that their songwriting takes ideas through different moods and speeds, starting with sparse arrangements that are suddenly expanded in waves of complexity. There is a natural rhythm to what they do, like the waves by the sea crashing in, and receeding as another comes in the cycle of life. This capacity to develop ideas in a series of exclamations is really admirable. Their music is really a lot of different interpretations of a core concept, and this is both fascinating to listen to as well as fun.

This confidence to develop their music makes Ula Ruth stand way out from crowd. There is real talent here at every stage of the process. The songwriting is granite-solid, the musicianship is first rate and the teamwork and trust between the band members empowers them to take chances and to try new things. The result is music with incredible complexity and depth. All we’ve heard from them so far is this 7-song EP but after listening to it, RUST Magazine is betting our bottom dollar that these guys will destroy any stage, anywhere, before or after ANY other band. We’ve got two words to say about Ula Ruth: Big Time.

Ula Ruth will tease you with their catchy fun but they’ll seduce you with depth and complexity. Though Restless Nights might be just a first date, you’ll be head over heels in love with them after one listen. Very Highly Recommended.

RUST Magazine was curious about Ula Ruth's technical approach to recording as Restless Nights is so technically ambitious on a personal level. We wondered what tools of the trade helped them craft their distinctive sound so we asked them: What is the ONE essential piece of music gear you have?

Kevin: American Fender Jazz bass

Andrew: Original 1965 Fender Blackface Deluxe Reverb

Nic: My 1963 Gibson 330, with its evidence tag in the guitar case

Luc: It’s just the weird thing I use on my hi-hat stand

Thanks guys and congratulations on a GREAT album!
- Rust Magazine

"Let Down"

“Ula Ruth makes loud, self-deprecating, garage rock. It is a raw brand that was born in the heart and delivered with as much spittle as possible. The guitars moan, the vocals range from full fledge scream to deep throated growl and the drums and bass steadily pound like a nice run along the pavement. It is all familiar but Ula Ruth makes it sound fresh and unique. Try on “Let Down” which comes from the band’s debut EP.”
- Tender Branson, Write.Click.Cook.Listen Blog (Oct 04, 2013) - Tender Branson, Write.Click.Cook.Listen Blog (Oct 04, 2013)


Still working on that hot first release.



Ula Ruth is a New York based Indie band taking their cue from the likes of Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes. Known for their energetic, high­powered live performances, they’re a band paying homage to family member who was forced to change her identity after arriving in New York City, from rural Mississippi to visualize her dreams of becoming a singer.

Lead by the vocals of Nic James who has been described as having “a growl that can compete with alternative rock’s best vocalists” (The Deli), Guitarist Andrew LeCoche, Bassist Kevin Clymer and Drummer Luc James round out the foursome.

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