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Tampa, Florida, United States

Tampa, Florida, United States
Band Metal


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1996 Self Titled Demo
1997 Beat To A Pulp
1999 Embrace The Horror
2001 Lucid Dreams Of Suffering
2002 Culminate:The Ascent
2003 Live Ascension
2011 Self Titled
2012 Cry Of The Graves EP



Ulcer plays much like an old school death metal band, with roots in both the hardcore and grindcore areas, making them hard to pigeonhole or appoint to a specific genre. Sometimes technical and sometimes very straight forward, they manage to create their sound without mimicking other groups of similar intent. Since forming in Ft. Myers almost 18 years ago, ULCER has garnered a great deal of respect from many of the biggest bands in the metal scene, and since their return they have continued to make many new friends and contacts. To fully understand the power of this band, one must witness their live performances which completely set them apart from the norm. Come and see it first hand. you will not be disappointed.

Here is a brief history of the former incarnations of Ulcer for those interested.

History of ULCER

ULCER, the extreme underground Grind/Tech/Death/Thrash/Doom etc.. metal band from South Florida, has a long history. ULCER was birthed in 1994 in Fort Myers, Florida when Zhentarim guitarist Eric Andersch met a guitarist/vocalist named Jason "Mitch" Mitchell. Immediately, the two began to write together well, changed the band name to Ulcer in January of 1995, and to this day have penned all the lyrics and music of ULCER either jointly or separate.

The early lineup featured James "Brad" Lamb on Vocals, who does deserve credit as first singer of ULCER, although he does not appear on any studio recordings. He left the band in 1996 due to musical differences and ULCER forged on immediately as a four-piece with Mitch now on Vocals and Guitar. The music became faster and the lyrical content more serious, and the powerful drumming of Immokalee's own Rob Sanchez and fretless bassist Todd Snowden made the 1996 demo and the 1997 Self-Titled CD both a huge success.

The band was gaining a lot of notoriety while touring for Century Media with My Own Victim, as well as regularly doing shows with the likes of Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Morbid Angel, Nile, Monstrosity, Incantation, Acheron, Pro-Pain, Stuck Mojo, Immolation, Anal Cunt, Nonpoint, and even Limp Bizkit (LOL), not to mention many others. Local shows in Ft. Myers were often so packed and out-of-control that the Fire Marshalls and Police were called in to break up fights and the parking-lot riots that sometimes ensued afterwards. ULCER was on their way, but for the most part they did shows with true underground acts such as Burning Inside, Brutal Mastication, Black Witchery, Swamp Gas, Killface, Contorted, Wormtongue, Gardy-Loo, Lowbrow, Naphobia, Of The Dead, Blue Collar Product, Gutpile, Scab Maggot, Pimp Slap the Atmosphere, Sakajaweeda, DNS, Eulogy, Execration, Dying Process, Pain Principle, Diabolic, and Clubber Lang, staying true to the Florida Underground, as always.

Drummer Rob Sanchez stepped down in 1998, right as everything seemed to be happening for the band. He was hard to replace, and it took a long time before Jim Coker (Brutality, Contorted, etc.) was found for the job. Unfortunately, around that time, bassist Todd Snowden left the band for personal reasons. ULCER entered AudioLab Studios regardless, and recorded Embrace the Horror in 1999 (Eric picking up most of the Bass duties). Eric and Mitch then relocated to Tampa to be closer to Coker and new Bassist Rutger Cole, formerly of Diabolic. Rut filled the gap for gigs in 2000-2001 while Coker was replaced on drums by Chris Vazquez of Black Witchery. Vaz helped ULCER to acheive the speed and technicality they had always been desiring. Once again entering AudioLab studios to record with the great Greg Marchak (R.I.P.), ULCER laid down nearly 30 tracks all told (with Mitch picking up the Bass this time). Lucid Dreams of Suffering was released in 2002, Culminating: the Ascent in late 2002, Embrace the Horror from 1999 is still available on CD, and reissues of the first CD from 1997 (now eintitled Beat to a Pulp), and a CD compilation of both 1995 and 1996 demos entitled Rats in the Walls, are also available, featuring the long-lost original 1995 demo.

Thanks for your interest in ULCER to all who read this. Old friends, and new fans of our stuff or anyone seeking any of our CDs, stickers, or shirts, please feel free to Contact ULCER c/o Mitch at bubulcer@aol.com. You can even call Mitch @ 813-395-3623 or Eric @ 813-381-2704. Stay Metal. Stay Underground, Stay True!