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piton saint leu, Réunion, Reunion

piton saint leu, Réunion, Reunion
Band Rock Alternative


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Sofian: Singer and initiator of the project.
I made my debut with the group "Explicit" as lead singer on stage Rock Paris (festival Eurokzik the forum Vauréal) in 1996 and 1997.
Output of a CD - and I'm free-Adrenaline with the group "First" at the studio of the Abbey in 1998 Goussainville
From 1999 to 2007, lead singer with the group "Ultimatome" in Guadeloupe.
The directory includes the time taken from Anglo-Saxon groups: U2, Police, ACDC, Gun's Roses, David Bowie, Rolling Stones, Billy Idol ...
Came to the meeting for three years, stand by to devote myself to the composition and reform group with a mix of contemporary music fusion rock pop electro.
My meeting with Alexander and Nicolas allows me to set up my new musical project.
The group is developing four months.
Dimitri: Electric and Acoustic Guitar
I started playing guitar at age 16 by himself listening to bands like Queen and of certain 'heroes guitars "(Joe Satriani, YJ Malmsteen, Van Halen). I immediately oriented rock metal broader (Nirvana, Metallica, RATM, GNR ...) by mounting a first cover band with some gigs in bars in the south of the island in 1999.

Back to Reunion after 4 years of study in France, I started looking for a new group. I joined and "Hated" thrash metal group assembled by youth in the West. The adventure lasted two years (2005-2006) with a few concerts on the metal scene (moda bar, coffee cyclone, bug) and participation in two jumps (Bato Fou and Kabardock).

Feeling a little disconnected from the metal scene (with age, yes ...), I decided to return to the more pop-rock influences. I respond to the announcement of Alex looking for a guitarist for a band of occasions. I integrates and "Replay" cover band big international standard pop rock (U2, Cure, Kravitz, The Beatles, Jackson, Pink Floyd ...). The adventure lasted from 2007 to 2012 with sixty concerts in different bars of the island (The Hangover, The Bar de La Marine, the rondavel girls to the west, Longboard Café, Pub Tapas for South Recréateurs The Saint-Denis, Le Comptoir St Leu ...) and on podiums during sporting events (World Cup paragliding, surfing challenge David Legleye).
Replay separates at the beginning of 2012. Paternity and small health concerns me away from music for a few months. But the urge is too strong and at the end of 2012 I spent an announcement to reform a group. I then contacted me by Sofian exposes its merger electro-rock. Having always been a fan of the new wave scene 80 (Eurythmics, The Cure, Depeche Mode ...), attracted by the electro scene (Prodigies, Air, Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers ...) and interested in the fusion side, I let myself embarking this new adventure ...

Alexander DJ Sampler
Happened last year at the meeting, the meeting with Sofian me want out of my turntables and my project was immediately excited.
I turned to electronic music it is a decade since she opened new sounds that I could not find in rock music. Gravity I in the underground French regions in Burgundy Franche Comté, Rhône Alpes. President of the Association Dijon "H2F" I organized evenings live set.
In 2009, out of a vinyl with several artists in self-production Label "Turn Over".
I retreated underground scenes to go to other musical horizons: electro rock mix with turntables and Ableton Live and creation HardWare
This side I really like fusion.

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