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Dallas, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2004 | SELF

Dallas, Texas, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2004
Band Pop R&B


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Ulises Is Ready To Launch His EP Six to The Multiverse"

Ulises has come out with a versatile banger EP titled "6" ready to be released on May, 22nd. He ranges from genres such as pop, dance, and hip-hop and does them all extremely well. The production quality is excellent and is definitely something that can be compared with what you would hear on the radio. His vocals are catchy and have this vibrant feel to them. You can tell that he put a lot of time and soul crafting each and every song.

The song "Love Frontier" is one of my favorites on the EP. The vocal patterns are stellar with magical melodies. The back track has a very dance groove sound to it. I can definitely see people hitting it off at the club to this track. The instrumental is up tempo and has its "drops" where everything seems to reach this new realm of calamity then picks right back up from where it started. It's like taking a ride on a rocket ship and just blasting off. It's truly that perfect summer track for a night drive. The chorus is phenomenal, and I love the synth to support the vocals. The bass also "bumps." Sometimes you get those dance tracks where the bass doesn't pound, or it pounds to much, but this is perfect. The synth gives the song an abstract sound with spacey aspects.

The song "Sodalicious" Is very creative and interesting. The beat is up tempo and contains heavy bass. His verses are very experimental and different. He changes his voice with ease, and adds a chorus that is very distinct with unique lyrics. The beat has a lot of different sounds going on and gives the song depth. I like how Ulises takes a risk by changing up the pace through the EP. We heard mainly pop/dance songs and now he manages to fit a hip-hop/rap song in all while making it work not just well, but extremely well. I think this track really shows off his talents and shows what he can do. He's very multi-talented and not afraid to show that by leaving his comfort zone.

The song "Sugar Cane" is another one of Ulises better tracks. His vocals are phenomenal, I can hear a resemblance of "Usher" here through the R&B style. His voice fits the song structure well with the melody and layering of his vocals. The instrumental has a very spacey synth backing track that makes you get lost in the sound. I can see this song being played in raves, though it's not as dance friendly it's still a great track to just chill out to. The production is phenomenal and you can hear the emotion through his voice. This style really fits him and his voice. His vocal range is also limitless hitting high notes, and staying in key.

When hearing 6 you better be ready to put your dancing shoes on because Ulises brings it! The EP is very versatile covering several genres which keeps it entertaining. You also wont be hearing any filler tracks through this EP. Ulises fills 22 minutes of celestial awesomeness! Get aboard for take off because this one will lift you off your feet! - Shadow Records Blogspot

"Ulises: "6" Has EVERYTHING a Great Pop Record Requires!!!"

Today I received the recently released Ulises “6” album. I hit mute on my television, left my laptop humming, and listened to the whole 6 tracks, and it was easy to do. This kid’s got that special something. Right off the bat, Ulises has an amazing range; he hits the most beautiful cascading highs, and drops into whispery billowing lows. His radio-ready R&B and Pop-Dance formula is perfect. He has found a place that is refreshing and downright electrifying to hear.

Ulises is a super talent with a wonderful ability to convey a strong but easy-going sense of being, that swallows up every song in his unique, multi-colored wrapper. His songs are catchy and you’ll have a blast singing along…if you manage to stop yourself from dancing wildly! The instrumentals are awesome, and to top it off the lyrics are fun yet serious and meaningful. All together “6” makes an amazing album.

If you miss the days when male singers were really singers and not some pop-image being marketed to 12 year-olds, you will really enjoy Ulises’ “6” album. The last decade of Pop music, has been so uninventive and predictable, particularly in the male vocalist genre.

Ulises’ “6” is a welcome breath of fresh air. Apart from his remarkable range, Ulises’ ability to sing with flamboyant-abandon but still be in control is nothing short of fabulous! The nice melodies, beautiful orchestration and some very creative things that appear in some tracks are very entertaining indeed.

There is nothing mundane, in any of the songs contained in the album. Even the tongue-in-cheek attitude that runs through the songs is absolutely delicious. From the up-tempo dance of “Fleshtones” to the hard-hitting and sensual ballad “Sugar Cane” and then onto the Pop of “Crescendo” or my favorites, “Love Frontier” and “Sodalicious” to the closer “Pink Panther”, Ulises doesn’t leave an emotional stone unturned.

“6” has everything a great pop recording requires. Catchy tunes, good lyrics, delicious hooks, a fantastic vocal, and great musical arrangements. There isn’t one song you’ll skip, or one song you’ll feel indifferent about. Once you hit play, you’ll listen to it from beginning to end with a huge grin on your face. Because you’ll know you’ve found your musical Shangri-la.

With the release of “6”, Ulises has proven to be undoubtedly ingenious and talented enough to produce a cheeky Pop-Dance album, smothered with touches of wild abandon and totally free of inhibiting self-consciousness. Practically a star in the making! - Rick Jamm

"Harder Beat Magazine Online April '07"

American Idol wannabes watch out! Ulises is moving like a powerful Latino locomotive on a mission to shake your neighborhood discothèque. This disc has 13 spicy tracks that will get you sweating like a gigolo waiting for his VD test results. The most notable songs include "Cancer" and "Muevette Latino."
It's the perfect soundtrack for getting all types and degrees of naughty, on-and-off the dance floor. If you are searching for a local sound to heat up your nights, this is it. (Shane Epting)- Harder Beat Magazine Online April '07 - Shane Epting

"Harder Beat Magazine Online April '07"

American Idol wannabes watch out! Ulises is moving like a powerful Latino locomotive on a mission to shake your neighborhood discothèque. This disc has 13 spicy tracks that will get you sweating like a gigolo waiting for his VD test results. The most notable songs include "Cancer" and "Muevette Latino."
It's the perfect soundtrack for getting all types and degrees of naughty, on-and-off the dance floor. If you are searching for a local sound to heat up your nights, this is it. (Shane Epting)- Harder Beat Magazine Online April '07 - Shane Epting

"Latin Beat Magazine Review"

Ulises is a young artist with a taste for large shiny neckties, and a talent for creating original music. On his self-released CD Projection Beautiful, the kid wastes no time in demonstrating his skills at ... well, everything! With the sole exception of mastering (which nobody cares about, anyhow), Ulises did everything, from conception to completion of this CD. Writing, playing, singing, producing, mixing ... all in a day's work for the mighty Ulises. Now, that's the independent spirit in action!

The tunes are youthful and zesty, with elements of rap and reggaetón mixed into fairly solid pop song formats. Did I mention the term danceable? After pulling out my microscope in order to read the lyrics inside the booklet, I was delighted to find out that they were very good. Mostly English-language, with un poquito de español just to keep everybody on their toes.

Perhaps Ulises will use a larger font on his next CD, so that we older folks can read it, too, without visual aids (just a thought). On a scale of 2.75 to 117, I'd give Ulises a solid 106. (PT) - PT

"ULISES- Musically Promiscuous"

Local upstart Ulises has fashioned one of the best smooth-pop CDs the Metroplex has ever seen. The beats are better than anything local rappers are kicking, completely fresh with complicated arrangements, but still catchy. The young man's vocals are the stuff boy-bands are built around. He has strong pipes and a nice range. With songs styles that go way beyond pop (including Latin flavors, Gospel and Funk), his skill set seems well rounded and fully primed for national exposure. Highlights like "Bring The Heat," "Free 4 Now," "Give Me" and "Rescue Me" are radio ready and accessible for 20-somethings as well as teens. Visit him at myspace.com/ulisespb. (JC) - Dallas LIT Magazine

"Ulises: He's Givin Fever"

What you want? Beats? A sexy man to sing to ya? Well look no more. Nestled within the folds of Dallas, TX urban artists sits a young talent with plenty of bump. On his second LP Musically Promiscuous, Ulises definitely has the right tools to make a big glittery name for himself should fate smile upon him.
What's striking about this album is the smooth professionalism. It's dance without being cheesy. 'Fever' and 'Give Me' will put that tazz on the dance floor. Ulises's delivery fits in perfectly. He sounds great and his execution is buttery smooth. It's truly refreshing and exciting to find such an artist right in our backyard.

Ladies...hold on to your hearts. Because when young Ulises (21) sings of love like on tracks 'Unpredictable' and 'I'll Be Right There' you will swoon. Take note fellas he's not just for the ladies. He's playa and nice guy friendly as well.

What more can I say. The music is nice, freshly arranged and ready for radio. If your local radio is sleepy and not playing this do yourself a favor and download it. You won't regret it. Promise.

“One day, I’d love to win a Billboard Award, an AMA, and a Grammy, but the most gratifying award I could receive- knowing that my music has touched someone’s life. I am extremely proud and honored to finally be exposing my sophomore CD- Musically Promiscuous- to the world. I definitely feel that I achieved my goal of showcasing my growth as a singer, songwriter, and producer when compared to my debut CD 'Projection Beautiful'. All 15 tracks within this project have a special place in my heart; I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

There is still so much more I’d like to do, and yet I know that this is only the beginning. I didn’t choose music; music chose me. Therefore, I have the responsibility to positively influence peoples lives, to be a leader, to open up doors, to perform all over the world, to be accepted, to bring about change, to break down any barriers, to be me. There is still a lot more to come from Ulises and all I can say is that it’s my time to shine. 2008- Ulises is here and I ain’t going nowhere!!!” exclaims Ulises. - Unsigned the Magazine


1. Man Must Explore 0:33
2. Home 3:23
3. 2gether 4ever 3:27
4. Your Everything 3:49
5. No 1 Like U 3:18
6. Purple 3:53
7. The Way 3:49
8. Jam.Rock.Kiss.Love 3:56
9. Fire 3:08
10. Don't U Wanna 3:29
11. Download 3:25
12. Just Us 4:40
13. Survive 1:54

1. Larger than Life 3:55
2. Control 3:58
3. Sonic Revolution 4:17
4. Even if the World Caves In 3:31
5. Spicy Jalapeno (Fresh) 3:17
6. Love U Down 4:33
7. Feels So Good 3:34
8. Miss U Baby 4:44
9. I Got It 4:39

1. Intro/ Wake Up 2:23
2. Jungle 2:49
3. Confessional 2:54
4. My Heart is Breaking 3:50
5. My Swag 3:03
6. Higher 3:42
7. Warrior Of Love 3:48
8. Addictive 4:02
9. Dangerous 3:29
10. Luxurious Life 3:12
11. Serenade 3:44
12. Broke But Happy 2:53
13. Hand Jive 2:53
14. Shark in the Water 3:45

1. Bring the Heat
2. Fever
3. Come 2 Me
4. Free 4 Now
5. Give Me
6. Unpredictable
7. I'll Be Right There
8. Rescue Me
9. Response 2 Your Request
10. Super Momma
11. 4Ever
12. Weatherman
13. Please (Warning)
12. Sinner
13. Dare 2 Dream

1. Cancer
2. Projection Beautiful
3. Far 2 Reach
4. No Problems 2night
5. Mixed Signals
6. Count on Me
7. Giving U My Love
8. Hot Potato
9. Muevete Latino
10. Blending Machine
11. Escape Reality
12. Out Loud
13. Alone N the Dark



A new energy form taking the shape of a human avatar has been specially sent to the present time to help aid our planet on this transitory period. Through orchestrations of exotically arranged compositions in sounds & frequencies that will undoubtedly excite the subatomic particles within the human anatomy, he is set to revolutionize the planet and help pave the way for future generations. It is both scientific and artistic; a bridge or transition into a different world; a better world. The downloaded compressed mental files have allowed this being of light to not only automatically attain instant knowledge of previous lives and experiences, but also, information regarding the present and future. Instruments like the piano have become second nature to him and ironically enough, he, himself, has become a vital instrument for the grand change that will envelope our universe; a better future awaits. You see, Mayan scholars knew that no, this isn't the end of the world, but an end of a time, a chapter if you will, in which the human specie will awaken, free itself, and and rise with vigilance as the truth begins to resonate deep within the true self. Consoles, hardware, and software like the SSL, Protools, and Reason are tools of the trade that have allowed the ever so eccentric Ulises, a light sent from the heavens, to successfully create sonic tones & harmonies that awaken and activate the theater of the mind. With heavy infectious Timbaland-esque beats, strong, smooth silky pipes, and catchy lyrics, Ulises manages to capture audiences from various countries without borders or restrictions holding him back. By daring to defy imagination and continuing to paint music as seen in his dreams, he manages to bring a new, strong sound into this monotonic music industry, adding vibrant colors into this world and infusing music that shares the universal language and codes. The same stream of life that runs through our veins runs through the world and dances in rhythmic measure; we're all connected. Ulises is only here to shake things up, just as it was destined. 'Tis the time.

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