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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Myspace TV"

http://myspacetv.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=3189805 - Ulito

"Arjae @ Ulito's Video Shoot"

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"Ulito Rap Magnificent Part 1"

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"ULITO/Charlie Falk Auto Commercial"

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"ULITO "The Zone""

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"Baby Girl Video"

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CapaCity International Presents ULITO (2008 Compilation CD)
Tour of Duty Mixed Tape



Ulito the Rap Magnifico is the new voice of Spanish Hip-Hop music. Ulito is reppin PA by way of VA and is considered by many as a “Rap Phenom.” Ulito has been generating a huge buzz in the streets. There has been a demand for Ulito’s music since he was about 13 years old, on the streets of Killadelphia, PA. Ulito the Rap Magnifico, whose birth name is Le Mon Williams has always had a love for music, he credits Old school Rappers and Industry Pioneers like; Jay Z, DMX, Buck Shot Shorty, KRS 1, Dougie Fresh, LL Cool J, Jadakiss, The BeatNutz, Souls of Mischief, Young Jeezy, Lil' Wayne, Pharrell Williams, and Es Connery for inspiring him to rap.

Ulito realized early on that he had a gift for creating hot music. The charismatic “Ladies Man /Mic Junkie” has a smooth delivery a dynamic rap scheme, and above average lyrical skills. Ulito’s music is refreshing because his subject matter is all about real life situations and his music is reminisces of classic 1990’s Up North Hip-Hop. Ulito has a flair for making the ladies dance and making the fellas throw their hands up. In his early years of music Ulito would make songs for friends and perform locally in talent shows and local showcases. As time progressed the Rap Magnifico “Ulito” started gaining recognition and his rhyme skills got even tighter and tighter which ultimately landed him more exposure opportunities.

Ulito got his first break when he participated in a Burger King Trivia challenge where he participated in the Black Americans of Achievement/Board Game - BAOA, INC. sponsored by Burger King @ Disney World Orlando, FL, broadcast by BET, and hosted by actress Dawn Lewis (Different World & Hanging With Mr. Cooper). Ulito was chosen to test market the board game and was also chosen to compete in the Black Americans of Achievement Trivia Contest. He spent a week in Disney World with R&B sensations Zhane and Xscape.

In the early 90’s Ulito who was a member of a group called Rhymeez ConXsion and appear in various television appearances in Philadelphia and Hollywood, CA. Aside of the mass media exposure, Ulito started making a name for his self in the underground Hip-Hop scene by performed with major recording artist such as; Black Thought of the Roots, Legendary Hip-Hop Pioneer EST of the Infamous Three Times Dope, and 90’s rap group Da Youngstas. Ulito gained a reputation for dominating shows and leaving the crowds always wanting more.

Ulito was one of the first guests to appear on the Star Jones (former Co-host of the View now host of Court TV’s Star Jones) very first TV Show “Jones and Jury” in Hollywood, CA. Ulito spent several years recording and performing throughout the East Coast and has been living between Richmond, VA and Philadelphia, PA for the past few years. Ulito’s hard work would not go unnoticed his music caught the ear of many major record producers but because of faulty contract negotiations and bad deals on the table, Ulito would have to take a few more years until he would be finally able to share his skills and music to the world.

Now Ulito is the co-owner of Capacity International LLC a Record Production, Marketing and Music Distribution Company in VA. His most recent recording project is due to be released in Summer 2008. To date Ulito has participated in various mixed-tape projects, he’s used his voice for radio advertisements, and has been featured in music videos and television commercials. For samples of Ulito’s music, videos, commercials, and booking information please send queries to:

CapaCity International, LLC.
12750 Jefferson Davis Hwy. #155
Chester, VA. 23831