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Ultra High Frequency

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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"Review from Silent Sky"

On their debut release Sun Nevers Sets in Dramaville, Ultra High Frequency mix great harmonies, smooth vocals and music that is both original and catchy to create a powerful sound that is all their own. Ultra High Frequency are comparable to bands like Weezer and the Beach Boys in their crunchy guitars and at times surf-rock-esque melodies, but they manage to set themselves apart from these other bands through their talented guitar lines and powerful vocals. Their well-placed solos prove their musicianship without coming off as overbearing and flashy, while their unique drum rhythms provide a strong foundation for each song.

Movie Theater is a great opening track for this album, immediately remniscient of Midtown with its soft intro, carried only by the rhythm of the guitar and lead singer Frank Fussa's soft vocals. The buildup of the drums and the introduction of the second guitar part introduce the CD perfectly. The chord progression in the chorus, as well as the vocal melody, is sure to hook the listener before a hard-rocking breakdown leads into the final chorus and Fussa's smooth vocals lead the song out.

Turn Off the Lights is one of the album's most energetic tracks, opening with a fast, powerful guitar rhythm that leads into Fussa's emotionally charged vocals. The song takes a more mellow turn during the chorus, with a great guitar hook and well-thought lyrics that grab the listener's ear. The song's breakdown, with it's "ah's" and "whoa's", serves to build the emotion before a quietly sung chorus and another buildup to the song's conclusion.

It All Went Down is my favorite song on The Sun Never Sets in Dramaville, without a doubt. Its intro is absolutely incredible, with a great chord progression that builds emotion into the first verse. The band pulls off some awesome harmonies in this song, especially during the chorus. The inflection in Fussa's voice shows how much he means every line that he's singing. It All Went Down is beautiful in its emotional lyrics and harmonies, and a pretty piano line and soft guitars carry the song out.

Ultra High Frequency are great musicians and great songwriters, which they prove repeatedly on their debut release Sun Nevers Sets in Dramaville - Billy Quigley

"Review by Riftrock.com"

Artist Name: Ultra High Frequency
Album Title: Sun Never Sets in Dramaville
A vintage, surfer, alternative rock hybrid? I seem to be using the ‘hybrid’ term a lot lately, but it appears rock is moving in the direction of mixing odd genres together—not that there is anything odd about Ultra High Frequency however.

Ultra High Frequency’s debut release, “Sun Never Sets in Dramaville,” delivers great vintage guitars with harmonies that faintly resemble one their mentors: the Beach Boys. The bass and beats top off with either heavy body-moving bebop rock sounds or slow thought-provoking rhythms.

Lead vocalist Frank Fussa has a very demanding voice. While holding back at times, he still delivers the lyrics on key, above par and differently from other modern-vintage rock hybrid acts. Seriously.

Songs like “Fifty Times a Day,” “Monte Carlo,” “Lies,” and “It All Went Down” all show the power the vintage sound can hold. “Passing You By” and “Sound of the World Crashing Down” prove to hold catchiness and an almost Pop sound.

“Sun Never Sets in Dramaville” is a great debut album. The sound is distinctive and hard to catalog to one particular genre. Ultra High Frequency’s sound is hearty, vintage, modern, and notable. If you are in to Modest Mouse’s latest release, or bands like Franz Ferdinand or Midtown, you might just get a kick out of Ultra High Frequency. Although different from the just-listed, a few aspects could be interestingly recognizable.
- Jason Lutjen


*** Debut Full Length CD ***
"Sun never sets in Dramaville"
This 12-track full-length album packed with a bonus track, will undoubtedly be memorable for those who experience it
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Feeling a bit camera shy


Ultra High Frequency, a Long Island foursome influenced by artists ranging from the Beach Boys to Nirvana and the Cure, have the utmost passion for music. Rock 'n' Roll is back in full bloom, heads are turning and the twang of vintage rock is roaring into the 21st century with every riff, every smack of the bass, every beat and every word strung out of Ultra High Frequency.

The band's 3-part harmonies (courtesy of lead vocals Frank Fussa, guitarist Jon Tehel, and bassist Chris Johanidesz) add the perfect spin on their hybrid of rock music. Ultra High Frequency is a band that will inspire the industry to change pace; making this vintage-modern rock hybrid the new sensation.

"Sun Never Sets in Dramaville," the band's latest release, is dead serious, dead on and fully alive. This 12-track full-length album, will undoubtedly be memorable for those who experience it. Keep your eyes peeled and ears open, Ultra High Frequency is an industry-defining band.