Ultra High Frequency

Ultra High Frequency


Ultra High Frequency manages to cling to the satisfying cliches of old-school rock while grabbing on to a new kind of energy. Their sound is eminently playable - as soon as one song ends, the next one pulls you in, and when the whole thing's over it seems silly not to just start again. -Newsday



- Opening act for Brand New, Northeast leg of 2006 US Tour (June 2006)

- Featured in AP Press Oct issue: Top Unsigned Acts
Featured in Billboard Magazines "Now Hear This" -Your Guide to Unsigned Bands - Oct 2006

- Featured in New York Times - "Following the Buzz" - Oct 2006

- Featured "Artist of the Week" - XM Satellite Radio, CH 43 - RADIO UNSIGNED

-Featured Artist - BMI.com - Oct 2006

- Featured artist on nationally syndicated Fearless Music TV (FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC)

- Latest Release produced by Barrett Jones (Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Presidents of The USA)

- Myspace.com: Over 25,000 friends / 80,000 plays in 3 months (since leak of new tracks)

- Charted on XM Satellite Radio R>A>D>A>R report / SIRIUS Radio

- Songs featured in MTV's Real World, The Guantlet & Next

You may or may not have heard of Ultra High Frequency, but if you have, then you already know their unique blend of Rock¡¥n¡¦Roll. Following footsteps of the great bands of the 1960's and 70's, Ultra High Frequency combines smooth harmonies with dueling melodious guitars and a thunderous rhythm section, unveiling a sound that you just don¡¦t hear anymore. Uninspired by soulless trends, these four suburban misfits have been winning ears over at every chance, playing raucous live shows and leaving audiences buzzing with awe.
With their youthful inspiration and unparalleled drive for success Ultra High Frequency will undoubtedly have their day in the spotlight. Founded and fueled by the strength of their friendship and passion for music, the band truly lives and breaths a magical chemistry most musicians search their entire lives to find.
The story began back in grade school, when singer/guitarist Frank Fussa Jr. and bassist Christopher Johanidesz were busy skateboarding and playing music together in Kings Park, NY. Not more than just a few miles away, guitarist Jonathan A. Tehel and drummer Dennis Joseph were living similar lifestyles. The seeds of the band were then planted when the duo's met skateboarding miles away from their homes in the sticks of Pennsylvania. Brought together by something cosmic, the foursome soon realized they had more in common then merely their love of punk rock and skateboards, and formed the early stages of what we now know as Ultra High Frequency.
Influenced heavily though the music of their youth as well traditional Rock¡¥n'Roll classics, Ultra High Frequency creates a sound all their own. The band¡¦s frosh LP, Sun Never Sets in Dramaville, earned them praise from fans and critics alike before heading back into the studio to record with producer Barrett Jones (Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Presidents of USA). The new recordings have a sound that brings out the essence of Ultra High Frequency: earnest and catchy, optimistic, and truthful inspired Rock¡¥n¡¦Roll music.


"Matter in Time" - (2006) White Elephant Recordings
"Sun Never Sets in Dramaville" - (2004) Mugshot Records

Set List

Need You Around
Play Your Cards Right
Woogie Boogie
Holden's Ballad / Old Man Cuvington
88 Mph
Takes Time

Our sets range anywhere from 30 - 60 minutes. We have several covers we mix in from time to time. see below:

"The KKK Took My Baby Away" - The Ramones
"Travelin Band" - Creedence Clearwater Revival
"Waitress in the Sky" - The Replacements
"Dance The Night Away" - Van Halen