Ultra Magnus

Ultra Magnus


Ultra Magnus is a 10 piece afrobeat band (complete with horn section and percussion) that plays highly energetic dance music of African origin. We are are all masters of our instruments and deliver a ferocious performance. Ultra Magnus is a celebration, and all are invited.


Ultra Magnus began more as a school project more so than a musical venture. In the late nights of winter 2002, roommates Chad Paulson and Andrew Scott spent their evenings trying to unravel the many rhythmic layers of "FEVER", a song written by afrobeat songwriter Jingo. Once realizing how much they loved this style of music, Chad and Andrew decided to put together a group of musicians who, like them, would be interested in learning how to play afrobeat. This group of musicians spent over a year learning the properties of afrobeat, studying not only the music, but it's history and the people and artists that made it popular in Africa throughout the 1970's and 80's. The band compiled together a large repertoire of afrobeat standards before they attempted at writing any of their own originals, believing that it would be ignorant to think they could write a similar style simply by imitating what they heard. By summer of 2003, the band had their first showcase in Toronto. The band was named after a nickname Chad had gotten when he was a kid, on account of his first name being Magnus.
Ultra Magnus is like no other band today. The music resembles that of the afrobeat originator Fela Kuti. Like Kuti, ultra magnus uses "music as weapon", creating music that carries strong political and social messages and is delivered in a celebratory fashion.
Although very danceble, Ultra Magnus is more PUNK than FUNK. With eratic pulses, and blazing soloists, Ultra Magnus are professionals of the 'live show', never dropping in intensity.
Ultra Magnus is a celebration, and all are invited.


Ultra Magnus (self-titled) 2003-3 tracks: Arise, Original Kuti, Puddles.
Our tracks have been heard on CIUT 89.5FM (U of T), CBC Radio 3, www.newrotation.com.

Set List

WE CAN PLAY ALL NIGHT! Our sets can range from 30 minutes to 1hr and a half, and we can play more than one set in the night. Our songs average 7 to 10 minutes in length.

Afrobeat Originals:
Original Kuti
Papa Yah
Super Dodge Ball
Doctor, Doctor

Afrobeat Covers:
Water no Get Enemy
No Agreement
Tire Loma De Nig Behim
Kyen Kyen