Ultra Mega

Ultra Mega

 Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN

Mining the depths of "spur gaze," the long lost link between indie and country, since 2005.


Much like their rural metropolis of Winnipeg, Ultra Mega shuffles on the crossroads of country and town, the horseman proud and mounted but disgraced by the fleeting conquests of the city. With delicate psychedelia, dreamy pop, and calm, cool lyricism, let Ultra Mega chaperone you through the glories, romances and defeats of the bittersweet knight. Get swooned!
The band are set to release their first full length album, on Transistor 66, in spring, 2013.


Black Wu Jackets. 2009. Independent ep.
Streaming on Myspace, MARIA.com.
THe Dart EP. 2010. Independent.
Streaming on Myspace

Set List

20+ originals
15+ covers
(Sets are usually 45 minutes each, 3 set maximum)