Ultra Mega Technoband Stefan

Ultra Mega Technoband Stefan


With synths, bass and drums, UMTBS create an exploding volcano of music, spewing forth energy, hysteria and chaos. UMTBS music can be described as Jean michel Jarre was being strangled with vintage nintendo controllers. Stefan isn't just music, it is a lifestyle. The fibre optic cable of life.


Ultra Mega Technobandið Stefán (UMTBS) was formed in the year 2006 after few of the bandmembers have had nonstop experiments with cheap music programs for about a year. Following they were the runners up in the national battle of the bands and gained a lot of attention for their feel good, vintage electric techno. In October of the same year they played at Iceland Airwaves and created a scandal in the Icelandic scene with their over the top performance and stage presence at Club Pravda, now inspired by way rougher influences. UMTBS spent the year 2007 touring through Europe. They played at various festivals such as By:Larm in Norway, G! Festvial in the Faroe islands, The Iceland airwaves festival 07 and Rock Ness in Scotland among bands like Daft Punk and Chemical Brothers. That same year they released their hit song ,,Story of a star’’ which remained on radio top lists for a about a year in Iceland. UMTBS released their debut album ,,Circus’’ which gained a huge media attention worldwide when it appeared at the front of the Myspace home site in the ,,Myspace album premiere’’ feature in about 12 countries. A month later the video for their song ,,3D Love’’ appeared on the ,,Myspace exclusive’’ premiere and gained no less attention then the album one month before. UMTBS also did a experimental tour with an actual norwegian circus called ,,Circus Agora’’ for about a week. UMTBS are known for their exciting, electric, to the edge stage presence.


Story of a star

Written By: UMTBS

Empty spaces
Are made to discover
Charge me
From one place
To another

Mr.Neutron star
Into an orbit

Charge me
Charge me

If you get stuck, stuck
Babe it won't hurt you
Mainly you're just
Story of a star
Light headed emotions
Reflecting the frame
Of who you are
Put me into pieces
Mixing these together into one
Baby you are outrageous
Oh, you filthy comet


We just released a new single for our upcoming record. It's called Fiasco Graffiti and can be heard on our myspace site, (including music video)

Set List

We do about 20 songs each night. 10 from our debut album Circus and we are rapidly putting in some new ones.