electro, techno, dance, with hints of punk, indie rock, industrial, trip hop, new wave and disco.


ultrapuss are electro, with dabs of techno and hints of industrial and new wave.

From the ashes of Vancouver's Perfume Tree, Spiritual Heroine and The Widows comes the ultra cool electro-disco sounds of ultrapuss. Fusing electronic beats, synths, samples and vocorder, with bass, guitar and a soft, sexy yet fragile female vocal, this trio just wants to get you moving.

The group arose from a unique situation: where Graham and Pete were exploring and writing songs as Sinclair C5, when Camille placed an ad on craigslist that got a response from one of their friends, who explained that he was too disorganized to play with someone else, but had friends, veterans of the local music scene (pete + graham) into electroclash, who *might* need a singer. Camille who, with her former band Spiritual Heroine, played on the same bill as Perfume Tree, Pete's former group, thought it would be a good fit for her + joined them in their electronic play.

Graham has played with I, Braineater and The Widows (ex-Black Haloes with Billy Hopeless and Siobahn Duvall) and Filthy Rocket among other bands.

Pete's former projects/bands include Perfume Tree, Veloce, softOps for more on Pete see http://www.minimum.ca/Pete_CV.html

Camille's earlier bands and projects include: swamp.e, Spiritual Heroine, + Elusive Project X as performer, songwriter, bassist, manager, and as producer of Spiritual Heroine’s independent CD releases from June 1993 – Sept 2001 (as well as a couple bands from early in her late teen that she can't remember the names of). For more on Camille see http://www.spiritualheroine.com/



Written By: camille baker

make me (x 6)

make me (x 3)

make me...make me feel bad (x 3)

I don't remember you (x 4)
ahh I don't remember you

make me (x 3)
make me feel bad

I said fake me, fake... happy and glad
I said fake me,
make you feel sad

I don't remember you (x 3)

never was there a lady, feelin' so lost
never was …a girl …without hope
never was a lady in love
never was, I never was… a girl without hope
I never was, I never was a girl without hope
girl without hope (x 3)

take me, take me away (x 3)
I said take me, take me away
take me (x 2)
I said take me, take me

I don't remember you (x 2)

I don't know who I am
I don't know who you are
I don't know who I am
I don't know who you are
I don't know, I don't know

make me…
make me feel bad (x 2)
make me (x 2)
make me...
just make me feel bad
make me feel bad(x 3)

I don't remember you(x 2)
don't make me feel bad
I don't remember you


Written By: Camille Baker


you wanna take her
you wanna make her


she eat you alive
she'll tear you apart


she's an educator
an ejaculator

with a drip of flesh
and a rip of mesh

with her bags of tricks

she's devastator
an illuminator

you'll be revived
if you even survive


young robot disco (red hot sin)

Written By: Camille Baker

what makes you hates so?
who made you feel so small?
who left you alone?
oh so young

red hot sin, pleasure in sin
red hot sin

red…hot…sin (x 3)

who will save all the young?
from themselves
from the pain
from the rage
from the gun
who makes you hate so

we’ve seen your faults
we’ve seen your wounds
we’re shocked and awed

bleeding hearts
thoughts so hard
wounds so deep
measured in skin

I’ve read your thoughts
I’ve seen your wounds
oh so thick
I’m shocked and awed
… and appalled
a pulsing heart
you died before you started
bleed--ing thoughts (higher pitch)

(higher pitch)
… so … deep, so… dark?
(--wait a bit--)
violent sin

save your thoughts
oh so weak
shocked and awed…
and appalled
a pulsing heart
trembling skin


Full-length release out now "aperi femora" available on CD Baby, iTunes, emusic, and some tracks here and www.myspace.com/ultrapuss and more on www.newmusiccanada.ca

Set List

45-50 mins and growing. A typical set:
6 mins to luv
young robot disco
just sip it
gun lust