UltraViolet RED

UltraViolet RED

 Chino Hills, California, USA

We are defined by the light of another. Ultraviolet light is a spectrum of invisible light that can't always be seen by the naked eye, though you see it's powerful effect. The RED in the name speaks of the love in the red letters.


(uv)R is a Southern California based rock band. Comprised of 4 members, (uv)R is known for their energetic, (almost unyielding) aggressive stage performances. Cari, Brian, John, and Matt air a certain image that most identify with right away. Engaging and solid, (uv)R creates their sound comprising each individual member's key talents culminating in an overall experience that is remembered by all.

Front girl Cari Giron establishes (uv)R's blend of hard rock, rhythm & blues, and alternative rock influences with her unique vocal style and expression. Cari isn't just a spunky attitude and pretty voice, she also contributes to (uv)R's repertoire with her song and lyric writing as well as production and arrangement of all of (uv)R's material.

Brian Cieslak's skills as a song writer are only slightly blighted by his aggressive and expressive guitar playing. While bringing years of guitar playing experience, Brian fronts (uv)R with his energetic and electrifying rock riffs and leads.

Recently added bass man John Warner is no stranger to the rock genre. John steps up his already expansive stringed instrument arsenal with his heavy grooved bass hooks and ambitious bass lines.

Matt Phillips anchors (uv)R supplying driving beats and technical rhythms. His rock, jazz, and pop influences help shape (uv)R's sound as Matt brings his sound engineering/production to the table.

Listening to (uv)R live or recorded, their music reflects the passion of life both in lyric and in song. Their highest priority is to remain truthful with themselves while relating their experiences of those truths to all who listen!



Written By: Cari Giron

The cameras flash with a blinding light
The picture is taken
Is what they see a defective sight
Is the world mistaken
They believe what they see is true


Is this what they picture
Open their eyes
Is this what they picture
Clear all the lies
Is this what they picture
Help them to see
Is this what they picture
That they can be free

Askew depictions, misguided thoughts
Resemble untruth
Free their eyes from distorted myths
Display virtue
Help them to see the real picture of you



Set List

1. Light
2. Gold
3. Something To Cry About
4. Unseen Hands
5. Reflection
6. Audience of One
7. Splinter
8. Picture
9. Don't Tell A Soul
10. Chasing Cars
11. Vein
12. Status