Los Angeles, California, USA

Marc Golding composes and performs saxophone on his upcoming "Magnetic" album.Electro-digifunk Jazz at it's finest.Introspective and expressive,look for fine riffs and synth lines that accompany rhythms that inspire the heart and soul.


Marc was born in Haiti but grew up in India during infancy,then in Rome,Italy where he quickly became a success Breakdancing,Rapping,and free-lance saxophone playing on TV and films. He later attended Berklee College of Music in Boston Massachusetts where he studied Jazz.After College, Marc ventured again into free-lance saxophone playing where he played from coast to coast for many various bands in the United States.In 2009,Marc returned to Rome where he performed the Magnetic songs.Marc is now back in the U.S. where he is planning a CD release party sometime in late August.

Set List