Umma Project

Umma Project

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Umma Project's sound is melodic, experimental and minimalist with long improvisation passages at times.


__The Origins
Umma Project is a Colombian solo project, consisting of Esteban Mejía Mesa. Before forming a band in 2003, Esteban studied advertising at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana were he joined forces with Radio Bolivariana (1993-1996) and Javeriana Stereo (1992-1996) to produce -on a weekly basis- two successful radio shows: Rock al Día and Jazz Contemporáneo. Later on, he started to work at MTM / Warner Music Colombia (1996-1997), where he gained notoriety with local radio stations and Latin American bands such as Café Tacuba, Maná and Fito Páez thanks to his promotional skills and musical knowledge. In 2007, he made his debut with the self-produced albums: "Ethereal (La Noche del Terror Ciego)" and "Kosmodrom (EP)".

__Musical Style
Although Umma Project music is often referred to as Ambient / Electronica, their form of music really owes more to the Post-Rock (melodic, experimental and minimalist) sounds of the 2000s such as Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Sigur Rós and Mogwai. Other influences are Progressive Rock pioneers Pink Floyd and King Crimson; Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, The Cure, The Church, David Sylvian, Slowdive and Gustavo Cerati.

Umma Project music also has long improvisation passages at times and live on stage using their studio instruments that ability is clearly highlighted with extended versions of their songs.


ALBUM: Kosmodrom (EP)
RELEASED: April, 2007.

01 / Kosmodrom '72 (6:28)
02 / Cl 0024+17 (3:22)
03 / Upsilon Andromedae (4:08)
04 / PI1052 (4:39)

ALBUM: Ethereal (La Noche del Terror Ciego)
RELEASED: June, 2007.

01 / Spectro (5:25)
02 / Young Gangster (9:02)
03 / Ethereal (La Noche del Terror Ciego) (6:11)
04 / Oceania (5:45)
05 / Journey into Thra, Part 1 (3:52)
06 / Reset (2:03)
07 / The Spirit of St. Louis (5:18)
08 / Journey into Thra, Part 2 (3:09)
09 / The Mechanical Man (4:51)
10 / The Giant's Causeway (5:58)
11 / Lena Söderberg (3:25)

Set List

Spectro (5:25)
Young Gangster (9:02)
Ethereal (La Noche del Terror Ciego) (6:11)
Oceania (5:45)
Journey into Thra, Part 1 (3:52)
Reset (2:03)
The Spirit of St. Louis (5:18)
Journey into Thra, Part 2 (3:09)
The Mechanical Man (4:51)
The Giant's Causeway (5:58)
Lena Söderberg (3:25)
Kosmodrom '72 (6:28)
Cl 0024+17 (3:22)
Upsilon Andromedae (4:08)
PI1052 (4:39)

Sets typically run from between 45 minutes to 1 hour.

We have at least 2 albums worth of material to perform and can do sets up to 1 1/2 hours in length or more.