Umoja Orchestra

Umoja Orchestra


We're a fresh Gainesville band of tasty latin, afro-funk, love music. We play music becuase we love the fun, we love the dancing, and we love the love. Umoja Orchestra is a blend of music of the world. "Umoja" is the Swahili word for 'unity', and that's what we're all about. Well, unity and music.


We get you to dance.

"From the band's size to the music genre the musicians play to their tight friendship, Umoja Orchestra is not typical in any way.
The band has 10 official members but often packs other guest artists on the stage. They play 'world music', drawing inspiration from numerous regions, including Latin America and Africa, and they are inspired by diverse musical genres, such as funk, afro-beat, soul, jazz, and reggae.
Last summer, the band went on a temporary hiatus, and six of the 10 members traveled to five different countries.
"We all studied different things and brought them back to each other," bassist Michael Pedron said.
Several returned with new instruments, but all brought new perspectives to revamp their music." - The Indepentent Florida Alligator

An Umoja Orchestra show is truly unique. The variety of instruments, the fun, the sweat, the love and energy are magneticly contagious. To quote The Gainesville Sun, "It's the kind [of music] that can make even the most awkward, gangly teenager feel the need to display his (lack of) dance skill in public."


we JUST released our first CD: Umoja Means Unity. It's somewhere between an EP and a full album.

2 tracks can be heard on

Set List

Typical set list: Mr. Sharp, The Republic, Hoy, Only Love, Mbira Music, BDD (QuĂ­tate La Camisa), En El Verano, Still City, more..

Typical covers: Chan Chan, La Tierra, Malaguena, Che Che Cole

Average set time: 1 hour... one set is usually enough, though we can certainly play more