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What they used to call "real" hip-hop...obscure yet funky samples, rugged beats, clever wordplay...an actual DJ with actual vinyl, no ringtones, no instructional dances. Not gangster and not hipster, just quality rap music.


Unagi is a producer/DJ/emcee based in San Francisco. He started making beats and rhyming in 1997, as a member of Western Massachusetts super-crew Discs of Tron. Flexing a unique sound heavy on obscure samples and grimy drums, he has released three critically acclaimed albums to date on his own label 442 Records. These include "Unagi," "Keepin It Eel," and "It Came From Beneath The SFC." In addition to his own records, Unagi has also appeared on numerous compilations, and contributed original music for use in television, film, DVDs, and commercials.

In 2007, Unagi put out two EPs, the Valentine-themed "Unagi For Lovers," and "YOU and EYE," a collaboration with Chicago emcee Infinito 2017. He is currently recording a new full-length with Bay Area underground legend Motion Man and budding Philly producer Jethro, to be released later this year. Unagi is also working with several other artists, and will be releasing his fourth album "Reinventing The Eel" in 2008.

While underground heads continue to feed into the "hip-hop is dead" mantra, and mainstream beats sound more like ringtones every day, Unagi keeps it moving, creating dope music for your mind, body, and soul. Influenced by the classics but avoiding retro gimmickry, his personalized sonic style is exactly what the rap game needs. Take a listen and hear the magic for yourself.


Unagi (2003)
Keepin it Eel (2004)
It Came From Beneath The SFC (2006)

Unagi For Lovers (2007)
YOU and EYE (2007)

30 second television spot for MTV
Zoo York "Skate Maps" TV show theme song
"24 Hours on Craigslist" documentary music
Girls of 360 Video "Sexy is Officially Back" DVD

"Female Fun presents...Ssssence" (Japan only)
"Amoeba Music Vol. 4"

Set List

Rap set: 6 songs, 20 minutes

DJ set: 1-4 hours of old-school party rap, underground classics, and random joints.