U-Name-It Chuckwagon Express

U-Name-It Chuckwagon Express


Reggae-delic Blues Funk Folk for dancing and squirreliness with a wide variety of special guest musicians on a weird variety of instruments.


Pet detectives Frank McJackson (John Waldron) and Gordon McClintock (Jasper Niemeyer) both lost their jobs at the Lord Stuart Duncanmeyer Cased Meat Factory on the same day and began playing music, searching for lost pets and busking (playing on the street for tips) in Boulder, CO in 2000. They began writing songs together and took their street act on the road from Colorado and New Mexico out to California and the North West. By 2003 it was time to add bass and drums and start playing bars. Since then the band has amassed well over 40 original songs and played all over Colorado and some places in California landing in historic venues such as the Fox Theatre and Boulder Theatre in Boulder, CO. Their unique brand of aoustic rock borders on reggae, blues, and funk with enough impovised chaos to keep one guessing and enough solid songs to keep it interesting. U-Name-It means that one is never quite sure what to expect as the band pulls from a rotating stock of special guest musicians, ranging from horns and keyboards to didgerdoos and Mandolins, making for a new take on the same material or practically a new band some nights. They are currently working on their first studio album due out in summer of 2007. These musicians have been living off nothing but sunlight, honing their skills... for you.


Studio album in progress winter 06-07.
4+ Live recordings to date
free downloads at website

Set List

20-40 songs
either 2 -2 1/2 Hr. sets
or 1 - 4-5 hr set
Mostly Originals
some covers (The Band, Bob Dylan , Jimmy Cliff, Bob Marley, and The Grateful Dead to name a few)