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Unanimous blends hip-hop with a reggea base for a unique and raw sound. However, the diversity of the Unanimous extends to rock, jazz, funk, and blues. In other words Unanimous is off the chain like a run-away slave


The band are all high school friends and have been together for four years. Produced two Cdsand pratice in the basement of Slimbos house. Always having people that come and go through the basement to listen to the sound. Influences are Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, 311, Chile Peppers, Nirvana, George Clinton, but the most important influence is the world. In the Beggining Tommy and Anthorney would walk to one anothers house carrying eqiupment and making up stupid wrap songs. But were more interested in producing music. Eventually theyy stumbled upon Slim rocking out at a friends B-Day party. Everything started the next day producing their first song called hip and or hop. An insrumental peice which shows the colaboration and early style of a new sound.


Retaliation, All's Forgiven, Upon You and I
Lead Vocalist Anthony Schauman has done commercials for Kennilwood Dog Village. Tommy Becker has produced a public service annoncement for Nex Reality design.

Set List

(All's forgiven, Upon You and I, Retaliation, Stay the Night, Love Dove, Wating in Traffic, The Funk) are all original songs typically preformed at a Unanimous show. Our running set time is usually 1/2 hour-1 full hour, however if need be we can fit a 2 hour slot time