Brooklyn, New York, USA

UNA VIA is a Latin Fusion group that blends hypnotic rhythms and latin beats with explosive sounds of classic rock music



           UnaVia starts as an independent alternative rock project in the city of New York in about 2003. Its creators "Johnny and Leo Cayamcela" Ecuadorians by birth with their Anglo identity provided a sound that would define UnaVia as such. Over time  "Jorge Vivanco" joins the band, also Ecuadorian (current bassist) and later "Juan Pablo Calvo" Colombian drummer who it connects to this new group creating a more solid unit. Finally the vocalist "Mauricio Cardenas" joins the group.

          They recorded their first album, Process (2004). A CD with ten original songs written in English and in Spanish. With it, they released their first single GIRAS. This song is sold to the public accompanied by a video recorded in New York City, produced and directed by a team of TELEMUNDO. With this Music Video They manage to get airtime at some regional television channels in the state of New York, and international Spanish MTV channel in Colombia and Ecuador. Touring on American soil they grow the spirit of these five guys. Also touring en the east coat of the United States makes a stronger UnaVia on stage. They played in venues like the Western Hall, SOB's, CBGBs, The Rock Conference and BB King in Manhattan New York, The Ritz Theather in New Jersey, D'Antigua and Colombian Independence Festival at Flushing Meadows Park in Queens New York, The Congress Theather in Chicago, Hard Rock Cafe Mexico the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica California and Kukaramakara Bogota and many more.

           Shows with internationally renowned bands as Tranzas, Andrés Cepeda, Zoe, Andrés Cabas,  Victims of Dr. Brain, Camila, Beto Cuevas that help grown more experience of this group. With all this experience they captivate the ears of hundreds of people around the world. Visit Mexican soil in 2007 and resume his international legacy visiting Ecuador in 2008 and Colombia in 2009. So UnaVia represents a symbol of struggle and overcoming. leaving up the name of their country abroad, and pay them a tribute to the world's immigrants in the United States.

           In 2009, UnaVia launches his new work "El Mundo Al Que Petenezco" and their single "Volar". An album with a more mature sound. More direct and committed to their public in their lyrics.. This new format is rebuilt with the intention of refreshing its kind and bring new ideas to the band and the new Fans. It also released their new and remastered single "Por Amor" in 2012.

           "Por Amor" is a single reflecting the transition from pop rock to new musical trends heard in the U.S and Latin America as Latin. With this single they released their new video showing the new image and a new fusion of rhythms and latin beats. From 2012 to the current date UnaVia has continued to introduce new sounds into their music. In 2013 Mazano jooins the band. Who with his accordion UnaVia introduces a new touch cumbia and vallenato . With this new sound they tour in Ecuador in 2013. With this new sound UnaVia enrich even more their sound and the latest single  "Fundida". Today UnaVia working on new productions as video molten 2015.

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Nine 11

Written By: UNA VIA

I used to walk without any fear,
But now that is over,
I used to think that I was safe,
But now that is over,
You don't understand,
You don't understand.

I want to be free,
I have to escape,
And try to fly away,
I want to be free,
And leave this place,
And take a breath of faith.

Is too bad.

I'm trying to fix everything around me,
And something else,
It's trying to hold me back,
And time is up,
Fire is all around,
And I feel that heat,
Concuming all the essences of my soul.

You don't understand.
You don't understand.

I want to be free,
I have to escape,
And try to fly away,
I want to be free,
And leave this place,
And take a breath of faith.

Is too bad.

Close Your Hands

Written By: UNA VIA

What can I tell you?
My passion is more than you feel,
My heart is your world,
But you think,
Control me anytime, In your dreams,
Is part of my motion?

Follow your senses.

Close your hands,
And give me the time I need to run away,
Say good night,
I won't stop you,
I let you go.

It is changing I told you,
This place is nowempty,
As it was,
You fool me,
And now this is done,
My spirit is crying you know that.

Is an exaggeration in my world,
I'm alone.
All of my confessions, don't make any sense.


Hasta El Fin LP (2002)
Processed (2005)
El Mundo Al Que Pertenezco (2008)
Bajo UNAVIA Independent Label. Derechos reservados

Set List

Here's the order of songs in their albums, Processed

1. Close Your Hands
2. Giras
3. Azulado
4. Nine 11
5. Entre Tus MAnos
6. Crystal Wall
7. Hasta El Fin
8. In My Soul
9. Superate
10. Por Amor
11. Hasta Siempre (Comandante)

El Mundo Al Que Pertenezco

1. Piedra
2. Mas Y Mas
3. Volar
4. Una Luz
5. Estas Aqui
6. El Mundo Al Que Pertenezco
7. Mona Mia
8. Perdon
9. Camarada
10. Vagabundo

Sets are usually 45 to 55 minutes. Cover songs usually vary depending on the venue and the event.