Drop what you’re doing and give Unbelievers a listen!


Never ones to cater to passing musical trends, Unbelievers have stayed true to themselves and have created a unique brand of rock that has drawn comparisons to the Ramones meet the Go-Go’s.

Barely a year old, this determined Toronto-based foursome has already hammered out tight, intense shows at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, in Brampton, Montreal, Quebec City, Trois-Rivieres and Buffalo. Unbelievers continue to win over crowds everywhere they go.

Jenny P’s biting lyrics encompass an honesty and vulnerability sorely lacking in today’s music. Unbelievers unashamedly explore the self-destructive side of human nature where popular culture is obsessed with sex, violence and consumption.

Drop what you’re doing and give Unbelievers a listen. They are the new face of rock!


"Guts and Gory" EP (2007)
-Limit my proof
-Medium at Best
-All the rumours are true
-Something for Nothing

"Something for Nothing" rotation on Natradio.com

Set List

30 minutes of original material + one or two cover songs