Three musicians dedicated to their craft, constantly learning and expanding their musical repertoire. With influences ranging from all genres of music ever written or composed, u.n.b.o.r.n. fuses an ecclectic sound with a sentual rock twist.


This fresh sounding, power rock trio packs a mean punch of upscale alternative rock n' roll, fused with catchy melodies. Each band member brings unique musical backgrounds, providing different flavours, creating, and perpetually enhancing the u.n.b.o.r.n. sound.

Forged in industrial Hamilton in early 2000, u.n.b.o.r.n. has one Indie release to local college/university radio.
u.n.b.o.r.n. captures a delicious fusion of influences from 80s, to classical, to middle-eastern, to traditional pop/rock. Their live show combines raw high-energy improvisational techniques, with unique playing styles that complement each other deliciously.

Their solid chemistry and compatibility creates the impression that these seasoned musicians have been together for much a longer period of time. Playing dates with The Salads, Tuuli, and Mike Trebilcock (The Killjoys), have given the band experience, exposure and a steadily growing fan base.
It all started five years ago, when Alexander “Sasha” Bucalo, a multi-instrument musician since his youth, dreamed to start his own rock band, and create timeless music to share with the rest of the world. A mutual friend introduced Sash to bassist Steve Taylor, and soon after the two began jamming. Their musical influences being the same, they started out immediately perfecting various cover songs. The chemistry was immediately recognized and grew steadily as the two began developing their own unique playing styles.
Realizing they both had the same goal, the boys took a few years to harness their craft and relentlessly practicing as many inspirational musical styles they could get their hands on. As a natural progression, songs soon were beginning to evolve. Sasha brought the first few ideas to the table, but soon after, Steve was inspired and was equally involved with new complementary sounds.
As the days went on, a new hunger was beginning to grow for Sash and Steve. They realized that they wanted to get out of the basement and into the live music scene. It would be a shame for them not to offer music fans a chance to enjoy the music they were creating. In order to do this, they needed a unique drummer who could collaborate with their playing styles to complete the band.
After scanning the local music scene for a drummer they would be satisfied with, they decided to recruit Mark Bucalo, to play the drums. Coming from much the same musical background, Sasha’s younger brother Mark had no trouble learning and perfecting the musical styles demanded by the music. The chemistry was perfect.
There were now three musicians who had the same common goal.

Working as one unit, many songs were born through the bands relentless improvisations. The music was unforced and came completely natural. The band was constantly learning and being inspired by each other. Through the course of their evolution, they grew to implement complementary playing styles – each member’s part complements the others (instead of them all playing the same boring mimicking style).

Performing under the acronym u.n.b.o.r.n., Sasha, Steve, and Mark, have been playing the Hamilton and surrounding area ever since.
They are currently recording their own independent studio album, incorporating several additional instruments to add new dimensions to the music. The band members are constantly learning and working to better their musical conditioning. The evolution continues...


Now Or Now

Written By: S. Bucalo

What have you given me?
What have you been hiding?
I know the days are gone
The time has come and gone
Too quickly had begun

'Cause it's now or never
And I can't trust you ever

Time is the enemy
And not the companion
It's impossible to
Change the carved in stone view

That view

27 Days Away (Right Now)

Written By: S. Bucalo

Right now...
you see the times have changed
The seasons rearranged
I mean this literally
I can like it either way

Opinions often sway
Towards the shady place
Opinions often sway
Towards the shady place

Right now...
I hear the gentle sound
Dancing to the ground
Brandishing the flame
Twenty seven days away

Everyone's aboard
Branding the abusurd
Too frequently ensured
Impossible to cure
to cure

opinions often sway
towards the shady place

Top Of The Morning

Written By: S. Bucalo

so I'm Mourning...
this fine morning...
as its raining....
to strain these eyes

the weather can hide
feeling alright
it's the sweet demise
to drain these eyes

top of the morning
top of the day'
i don't know why but i wanna run away

top of my field
top of the game
i don't know why
but i wanna run away


College radio play with We Must Go, Be A Liar, and Arms.

Set List

Typical setlist length ranges from 30-40 minutes, though they love playing longer when permitted (who doesn't?). Cover a wide range of songs ranging from balads, to catchy pop rock, to epics.
Covers if need be, though they love bringing their own sound to the table.

Now Or Now
Be A Liar
Made It
Game Over
Way Upon
April, June
Take You Home
We Must Go
Now Or Now
Be A Liar
Astronaut 11
Game Over
April, June
Take You Home
Perfect You
We Must Go