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Unborn Sun

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Unborn Sun is carved out of the moulds of Grunge, 80's Pop, Classic Rock, and Soul. Their music is like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, it fits in everyone's kitchen.


Unborn Sun first formed in the winter of 2003 as an acoustic trio, writing songs while attending college. When the band added a drummer they were able to add new dynamics to the music to take it to a new level. The band believes that one of the best ways to display the music’s quality is in a live show. Over the last few years the band has played a great number of live performances in front of thousands of fans.
Unborn Sun has been featured on KWOD 106.5 out of Sacramento, CA on their Sounds of Sac show. Kevin Seconds of KWOD had this to say about Unborn Sun, “Compared to bands like U2, Coldplay and Audioslave, Stockton's Unborn Sun have been rockin' the Central Valley since 2003 with their passionate and melodic, alternative rock sound. Listen to ‘What Are We Doing Here?’ from Unborn Sun on 106.5 KWOD.”
Unborn Sun was also a featured act on B93.1 in Modesto to promote the CD release with an on air interview and live show. The reviews from the listeners was overwhelmingly positive.
Their first CD release is the self-titled “Unborn Sun.” The CD features all new music and re-recordings of their popular early demos.


What are we doing here?

Written By: Robert Fenley

She sent a message out today, everyone heard.
The one that I don’t understand wrapped around her chest.
She believes she has the answer
But she will never get the chance to see her children grow
What are we doing here?
He walks into a coffee shop, it was his last
Never knowing what’s about happen
He didn’t see what she had on, walked right passed her
Now he will never get the chance to see his family.
What are we doing here?


Written By: Robert Fenley

I’m making my way down to Hollywood
Gonna stay until I see my name on the walk of fame
I wanna see my name in the lights and party w/ the stars
I wanna be where the sun always shines
Making my way to Hollywood
Wanna be someone, wanna be someone, I wanna be…
The lights and dreams shine brighter there than anywhere
I’ve been dreaming of this ever since I could remember
Growing up on welfare cheese made me long for something better
All I have to do is hop in my van and drive on down
Making my way to Hollywood
Wanna be someone, wanna be someone, I wanna be…


LP- Unborn Sun
Radio Play- What are we doing here? local radio station, light month long rotation.
Streaming- Select songs from album can be streamed at our website www.unbornsun.com

Set List

We do a plugged in set and an unplugged set.
Typically sets both are 30-45min each. They can be two hours long if needed.

Staple my wounds
All inside
Stay here
Wake me when it’s over
What I’ve become
Finding my way
Unborn sun
Solar wind
What are we doing here?
Precious child
Till tomorrow
The day I lost
Time heals
Always near
I’ll never
Drive away

Cover Songs
Black- Pearl Jam
Sunday Bloody Sunday- U2