Unbroken Ground

Unbroken Ground


We are a progressive rock band hailing from Woonsocket, RI. Our style is a collection of years of playing in different bands, whether it be rock, metal or something in between. Our sound has been fine tuned in Unbroken Ground as we draw from "world music" and tribal elements to create a new dynamic


Unbroken Ground was founded by Chuck(drums) and Steven(bass) before the band was actually named. These good ol' boys got together several years back just to jam and hang out. This evolved into their weekly music therapy, which eventually became the inspiration and the foundation for Unbroken Ground. They envisioned a project that wasn't limited to any particular style of music or cookie cutter writing style, but still incorporated rock, hard rock, pop, metal, world music, as well as other genres. This musical blend is the "heart and soul" behind Unbroken Ground's exotic rock style. The project took a huge step forward upon acquiring Melody on vocals. Her voice described as both "powerful" and "melodic" has enabled her to hold her own against the rhythm section's driving beats. Melody, a graduate of Berklee College, also adds a sensual side to this experimental stew. Nick(guitar) soon followed Melody's arrival into the band. He is an endless knowledge base of rock and metal, which gives color to the band's sound as they developed their sonic identity. The band was delighted to add another pro drummer to the mix, but not to play drums. Audra, a rockin' drummer in her own right, signed on as percussionist.


We are currently in the studio working on recording a full length cd. We also submitted one song "Common Place" for Illumina Records compilation that's campaigning against drinking and driving. The Providence compilation is available now.

Set List

The Dream
Don't Let Me Down
Lazy Foot
Hopes and Ghosts
Move Along
Common Place
Looking Glass