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The best kept secret in music


"Unburied- Pure fucking Brutality Review"

Hailing from Edwardsville Illinois Unburied is a young band mixing Thrash/Death Metal to bring forth the unburied sound to us. Having a wide range of influences and good taste in horror movie clips I already liked what I was seeing from this band. The Vocalist and Guitar player for me lead this band in this demo anyway. The vocalist has a mid range to high death growls with a mix of up and down blood gurgling higher notes. The bass fills in the lows nicely but the drums need some work sometimes in parts sound a bit flat. By far the best tracks on the demo are “Graveyard Pt. 1” & “Bloodless Heartbeat” the tracks are catchy, flow well and stay in time. Nice use of classic horror movie sound clips, it’s always a great way to start a song. The quality isn’t to bad a bit muddy and low sounding a little more effort in the mastering department and the sound could be a little better.

Overall Unburied has plenty of time to grow and hewn their sound into something great. If they were to stick to it and use the formula they got from the tracks I mentioned they will be something in the near future.

-Esoteric Ed - Necrometal.com


Demo 2004-July 2004

Welcome To your Grave yard-2005 (Self Released)

Blasphemy Through Dismal Actions- 2005 (Self Release)

Pure Fucking Brutality-2006 (Asylum Recordings)

Lex Talionis- 2006-(Asylum Recordings)



Unburied' s music is an interesting blend of almost every style of metal, but played int he most brutal, aggressive, possible way. Most notably Unburied combines equal parts Thrash, Black Metal, and Death Metal to create it's unique sound. Unburied' s sound could be compared to Amon Amarth, Deicide, and Hate Eternal.

Unburied formed in late 2003 and began gigging regularly in the St. Louis scene in summer of 2004. Unburied has released several demos, self-financed albums and EPs. Unburied has shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the underground such as Dismember, vital Remains, Therion, Grave, Demericous, Odious Mortem, Vile, Origin, the Esoteric and deeds Of Flesh.