Unchain is a live act - unchain is an event. The band celebrates rock-music, so even the blind recognise, that this band has fun by doing their thing. check out www.unchain.ch


In the songs of the band from berne, switzerland, you hear the influences of a time, when hairspray wasn’t the most important thing about a rockgroup.
The catchy guitarriffs, the pumping beat and the melodies are somehow wild, free, honest. The music is a force out of nature. You’ll feel it.

On stage, the force of the group unchains. The slogan “plug and play” stands for the plugged guitars, that start a rock-firework. As a unity, the 5 members of the band rock the stage and a hurricane comes up. The joy of playing their music stands in their faces and you can feel the power of the group like a giant thunder.

Since years, the band plays on bigger stages and in smaller clubs to let their licks go out in the crowd – and the crowed likes it. The formula is easy: the audience can see that UNCHAIN likes the stage, and the stage likes UNCHAIN. Every member of the group goes out of himself and rocks – and this spark lights the audience.

Since spring 2007, UNCHAIN plays a new setlist with new songs. The first concert took place at the famous “Mühle Hunziken” in Rubigen. Shortly after that, the group has won a bandcontest at the “Alpenrockhouse”, Kloten.
Before they go to the studio in autumn 2008 to record the second album, UNCHAIN wants to play the new songs on stage and share the rock-plosion with the audience.



unchain - unchain, full album, distributed worldwide by aor-heaven, germany

Set List

we can play from 5 to 150 minutes, 99% of the songs are written by us.
if we do a cover, it's neil young's "keep on rockin in a free world".