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Uncle Eye & Julia

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Uncle Eye and Julia: Fun Rockin' interactive music for children of all ages. Uncle Eye, Singing Storyteller (as seen on PBS Kids!) and Julia play original music with happy melodies celebrating childhood, promoting literacy, & making every day Earth Day.


Ira and Julia Levin have been escapading as Uncle Eye (As seen on PBS Kids!) and Julia, inciting riots of elation from California to Scotland, creating wacky interactive kid’s acoustic rock that promotes literacy, the care of the environment, and dignity for the chickens, all while battling boredom.

An original sound with a touch of some happy Frank Zappa and Shel Silverstien that delights children and entertains the adults.

Get the full rocking madcap experience with the titles such as Baseball Team from Outer space, Ruby, the Rescue Cow, learn how to do the Flamingo Tango with this animated duo whose recordings and live shows are interactive, promote joyous jumping and unadulterated happiness.


CONVENIENT BOOKING: for All Ages festivals and special events.
Ira Levin and Julia also double as The Levins: Harmonious pop duo.
EPK: Sonicbids Levinsmusic


Ruby, The Rescue Cow

Written By: Ira Scott Levin AKA Uncle Eye

Ruby, the Rescue Cow

When the barn burned down,
Everybody went to town.
Who will save Mrs. Brown?
Ruby, the Rescue Cow. Moo!

When the bandits attacked,
knocked the train right off the track.
Who will lift it right off the ground?
Ruby, the Rescue Cow. Moo!
Chorus: Ruby- Ruby- She's a little farm girl.
Ruby- Ruby- She's out in the world.
Ruby- Ruby- When she was a little calf,
Ruby- broke her pen, she broke it in half!

The farmer sold Ruby to the Rodeo
She was kidnapped by cattle rustlers stealing the show.
When they tried to brand her, she said: “Whoa!”
She gave ‘em the right hoof, pow!
Now she’s Ruby, the Rescue Cow! Moo! Chorus.

Utterly fantastic with a flick of her tail,
The day is saved and the milk's in the pail.
Wiping the sweat off your brow-
Ruby, the Rescue Cow.

The Flamingo Tango

Written By: Uncle Eye

The Flamingo Tango

There was a flamingo, who danced a mean tango,
played guitar like Django, inside a pitted mango.
She loved a lobster who wore a red carnation.
The lobster was a mobster who ruled the seafood nation.
His henchman all were shrimps, his bouncer was a whale.
The lobster had a limp; there was a steel plate in his tail.

Chorus: March up and down, and wiggle your tail-o.
Its time to bob your head, and twist your neck like so…
Stand on one leg, and lean way back, whoa- oh, oh!
Stand on the other leg...that's the flamingo tango.

The flamingo got a gig in a hotel in Miami,
She would do the floorshow with a pink pig named Sammy.
Sam was a ham; he loved to dance the hula,
And the old soft shoe, Sammy was a hoofer!
The flamingo played flamenco. It was right up his alley.
It flipped his toupee, and for their finale...Chorus.

The lobster, he was jealous, he boiled up with rage!
"Put the flamingo in her mango,
Put this pig in a cage!
Mr. Whale, you guard the mango.
You Shrimps guard Sammy.
I'll find some other bird who wants to win a Grammy!"
The flamingo asked the whale if he'd like an appetizer,
"We could split some shrimp and a case of Crystal Geyser.”

The lobster’s in his room, wearing his pajamas.
The flamingo and the pig flew off to the Bahamas.
The lobster was arrested, along with the whale.
The judge now wears dentures where he bit the lobster's tail.

But the Whale made bail, and joined the others down in Cuba.
Where the flamingo plays guitar and the whale plays the tuba! Chorus.

Palace of Wonders (The Library Song)

Written By: Uncle Eye

Palace of Wonders

So, you think that your life it is terribly dreary.
Grab a tricycle, bicycle or an elephant dearie!
A scooter will do, put your foot in your shoe.
Come along and you will see, a great mystery
A palace of wonders, adventures for free!
Intrigue, sensation, in one fine location.
Where can this be?
Come closer my child and I will whisper to thee:
It’s not a secret; it’s the old, li-br-ary!

Chorus: Library, library, I love the library!
Fantasy…History…so much to see.
Library, library, I love the library!
A palace of wonders for you and for me!

Look for one in your neighborhood, look around town.
Get someone to show you where it can be found.
It maybe new, or old as the hills,
But there’s stories in there and they are packed to the gills!
Go in through those doors, now don’t be afraid…
Sure there are monsters, but you’ll lead their parade!
And the librarian will come to your aide.
To find you a book you can read in the shade.
Check out Dr. Seuss; let him see your backyard.
No one will stop you; you’ll have your own card,
You’ll have your own card!! Chorus.

Learn a new language, travel through time.
Visit the poets and learn how to rhyme!
There are secrets on microfilm, pretend you’re a spy!
There are rooms of resources for how to and why.
There’s movies and music, computer and art…
It never ends, but begins when you start
to explore… You’re in store
for Oh so much more! Chorus.


UNCLE EYE: (Children’s), Hippo On My Head (1999) and Hyperactive Talking Cows (2006)
Uncle Eye & Julia also have an award winning Folk Pop band called: The Levins: 36 (2008), My Friend Hafiz (2009), Barely Contained (2010)
Singing Storyteller on Piggley’s Storyteller Playhouse/ Jakers! Adventures of Piggley Winks - PBS Kids
Additional voice-over work for Piggley’s Storyteller Playhouse– PBS Kids show.

Performer, Scotland Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Music Video for Velvet Mustache, filmed in NYC
The Uncle Eye Show (a TV Pilot)
KTEH San Jose Public Television Volunteer Excellence Award: Education Outreach 2000-2001

Just Plain Folks- nominated “Hyperactive Talking Cows” for Children’s CD of the year.
“Flamingo Tango” winner of top ten for Children’s Song of the Year. (2006)

Bread & Roses- Special recognition for volunteering for Children’s services and entertainment.
(2005- 2010)
Uncle Eye & Julia Scholastic Book Fairs & Palace of Wonders- N. California Library tour
Why Music Matters- United Way – Uncle Eye and Julia headline showcase

Set List

45-60 min. set of original tunes
1. I Want To Be My Cat
2.The Plant’s Taking Over-
3. Hyperactive Talking Cows
4. Palace of Wonders (The Library Song)
5. Flamingo Tango-
6. Pollo Elastico
7. Ruby, The Rescue Cow
8. Baseball team from Outer Space
9. Girl’s Club-
10. Recycle Cycle
11. Kitchen is the Heart of the House
12. Slumber Party Baby
13. Pajamas
12. Web of Life
These are all original songs.

Uncle Eye alone may include some covers such as
All Together Now by the Beatles.