Uncle Joe's Medicine Show

Uncle Joe's Medicine Show


Uncle Joe's Medicine Show is a fresh blend of Funk, Soul, Jazz and Rock & Hip Hop that keeps old school sounds and instrumentation at the core. Whether producing tracks or on stage, the live element is always intact and the groove never fails.


Uncle Joe's Medicine Show is a soulful, funky band that makes no mistake in getting down to business with the groove. This four piece power house has been laying it down at clubs, colleges and festivals for several years. Uncle Joe's production philosophy is all about combining the raw live elements of jazz, soul, r&b and blues over organ and guitar driven grooves and hip soul beats. Uncle Joe's formed in Septembor of 2001 in Fredonia NY as a five piece funk andsoul outfit. After three years of the college and club circuits, the band decided to bring their sinkhole deep funk to the south and became a four piece with guitarist Jeff Jeswald taking the helm at the keyboards. Along the way, Uncle Joe's Medicine Show has shared stages with such funk legends as Average White Band, and The Waz while helping to establish their reputation in Upstate New York as the premier young torch bearers of the neo-soul and blue-note funk tradition. While the band brings its improv leanings and danceable rhythms southbound they guarantee to get hips shaking and crowds loose throughout Atlanta and beyond. Uncle Joes Medicine Show will be funkin' it all over Atlanta this Summer and with a followup to 2003's "Sonic Tonic" in the hopper, this band is sure to become a local underground favorite. Get down and get under it.


"Sonic Tonic"-2003
"Gettin Under It"-2006
"B Sides & Bootlegs"-2005

Set List

Originals- Wackman
You Sold Your Car
I Need A Love
Droppin' Like Dobbs
House Party
Dusty Fingers
Deep Note Biscuit
8,000 lb Load

Covers- I Wish-Stevie Wonder
Where are you Going?-Marvin Gaye
Pusherman-Curtis Mayfield
Jesus Children of America-Stevie Wonder
Red Hot Mama-Parliament/Funkadelic
Caution-Bob Marley
We perform as little as one set, as many as three, depending on the situation of each gig. A typical show will go for two and half hours, with two sets