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uncle rhombus


hit seven for me please. thank you. uncle rhombus is not just a jam band. we are heavily influenced by new wave and punk and it really shines through. we have bluegrass songs that use poop as a metaphor for love and funk songs about our frontman's stint in the pokey


Uncle Rhombus is the band that defies all common sense and decency. Having been described as ‘Tenacious D meets P Funk,’ Uncle Rhombus lists new wave bands, jam bands and punk rock bands to be among their major influences.

Are they a new wave band? Not really. Are they a jam band? I don’t think so, Tim.
Are they a punk band? What are you, stupid? Are they a musical juggernaut pummeling hapless victims like a tsunami of rock? Okay.

From funk songs about time spent in jail to bluegrass ditties using poop as a metaphor for love, Uncle Rhombus runs the lyrical gamut from heartfelt to juvenile, stopping at poetic and giving the nod to haiku palindromes.

Even though Uncle Rhombus is still a new band in it’s current form, they have quickly risen to headliner status with local giants such as the Blue Star Six, the Monotonics, and even international superstar John Sinclair opening for them.

After a myriad of lineup changes stretching back to the mid-nineties, guitarists and vocalists Josh Foreman and Ryan Johnson have seen three drummers and at least a dozen bassists. With the addition of Daniel De Waard of Kalamazoo’s ska/punk trio the Speakeasies on bass and Eric Schuemann of Colorado’s jazz/funk Bill Smith on percussion, Uncle Rhombus is complete.

Uncle Rhombus is the band dedicated to making every nuance of their music as delicious as possible.


"there's something behind you" demo ep
"songs in the key of pants" demo ep

Set List

originals: cannibal run, unkie funkie, loads of love, crab sword, something nice, whiskey pants, buck stardust and the burnt toast revolt, dancy pants, florescent sunshine, down on the farm, dennis, shoot the poo, summer song, pretty pants, lapdance, what you will, shoes for molly, 6am, funk #72, feelin' fine,
covers: roses are free (ween) kill the poor (dead kennedys) big bottom (spinal tap) fight for your right (beastie boys) billie jean (michael jackson) booze me up and get me high (ween) third stone from the sun (hendrix)