Uncle Rocket

Uncle Rocket


Energetic, strong catchy tunes. An eclectic mix of style, which poss reflects the age differences and diverse musical experiences in the band. The overall sound is both pleasant and has an edge which cuts.


Uncle Rocket have recently formed in the later part of last year. This in part was due to a recording collaboration on some songs by Donald Livingstone, who had just given up a successful career as the local hotel manager to go full time in music. We are now complete with full one and a half hour set and are just finishing a Demo CD recorded at Chris Harleys Vital Spark Recording Studio, Isle of Skye. We are playing at various venues around the country this year, and will build on the strong dynamic vibe evident in our live performances. Most of the songs are fairly eclectic and hard to pidgeon hole, but are strong catchy tunes with a fair amount of energy.

We featured under the name 'Babydoc' at the Glenelg - Drams in the Field festival last year and expect to feature in one or two festivals this coming summer. Donald Livingstone has festival experience up and down the west coast through his previous band - The Doc Livingstone Band.

Three of the band - Donald Livingstone, Calum Nisbett, (The Douglas Mckenzie Effect) and brother, Alasdair(Bean) also play as 'The Kings of Haakon' a local energetic loose Skye cover band. Dave Siddley is well known round the highlands as a veteran guitar player of high standard, his present act being Puzzled Monkey. Sally Fraser is also well known locally round Skye and Lochalsh as a singer and plays regularly as a popular girl duo act.


Do What You Wanna Do
Placenta Platter
Slowly But Surely

Set List

12 - 15 songs. Approx four and half mins long