Uncle Sid

Uncle Sid

 Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

Uncle Sid is a Melodic Hard Rock'n Metal band from Western Canada.
We are on a mission to Tour the World!


We are Uncle Sid! We are from the West Coast of Canada, in beautiful Vancouver B.C.

To begin we'd like to describe our sound a bit to you. We consider ourselves to be a melodic Hard Rock'n Metal band with a sound that we play with dynamic passion along with lots of classic and present day influences.

Emerald Green fronts the band on vocals and you can experience her high octane charismatic dynamic passionate energy every time we play live.

Combined with Frankie Scars' righteous soulful guitar feel and Rockin techniques, together melded with the solid backbone of the rhythm section, which is made up of Kirk October on bass and Dale Salive on drums.
This makes Uncle Sid one well rounded and incredibly tight band to experience live.

With our sights on touring new horizons in 2018, such as the UK, Germany and the U.S.A., we are all truly excited about playing these places because playing live is what we all really love to do!

Ending 2017 with a tour in Japan was especially exciting as it gave Uncle Sid a chance to meet our loyal Japanese fans which we've only communicated with through multi-media. We want our Sidizens to know it's because of them, we continue to strive to create the best music we can. Our Fans are the force that drives Uncle Sid, they are our muse! We'd like to Thank all of them,
Sidizens You Rock!

Uncle Sid High Light Performances

From our debut gig at the Fabulous Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver B.C. opening for the iconic Uriah Heep to our present line-up, here are some of our High Lights.

Debut Performance: Uriah Heep /Uncle Sid at the Commodore Vancouver, B.C., Canada

April Wine/Uncle Sid

Blue Oyster Cult/ Uncle Sid

Nazareth / Uncle Sid

Rock the Walk for Breast Cancer

Benefit for Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre

Alberta’s Own Festival 2012

Canadian Tour 2014

Ourfest - Nevis, Alberta 2016

Japan Tour Sept 2017

Keep Rock'n with Uncle Sid, you'll be glad you did!!!!!

Uncle Sid contact info:
Dale Salive


Uncle Sid

Emerald Green: Vocals
Frankie Scars: Guitar
Kirk October: Bass
Dale Salive: Drums


Horns Up!

Written By: Uncle Sid Enterprises


It's hard to write a song when you're not
ready to speak to the world
And you don't want to listen
But the rhythm of the instrument is calling
it's talking to me loud and clear
I cant stop myself

Raise your horns up high again
Horns high again
Up as high as you can
Put your horns up high again
We will make the rock n roll alive again (3x)

And when you hear the songs on the radio
The noise that is resonating in the air makes you feel blue
So pick up your instrument start rockin
Start playing nice and loud
and don't stop
Rock that guitar
(horns up!)
Hit the drums
(horns up!)
play that bass
(horns up)
Sing for real
We will make the rock n roll alive again (4x)
Rock that guitar
(horns up!)
Hit the drums
(horns up!)
play that bass
(horns up!)
Sing for real
We will make the rock n roll alive again (5x)HORNS UP

©2017 Uncle Sid Enterprises


Written By: Uncle Sid Enterprises


What's going on right now?
They're superhumans me chasin' me
Fall down on you knees and pray
or maybe just run away
Just runaway and hide
runaway and hide and..
Pray for you life
This monster will eat you alive
Run for your live
Hide and survive

What are you gonna do?
The evils are surrounding you
Created by powerful men
Now they're gonna kill you
Just runaway and hide
Run away and hide and..
(repeat Chorus)
run away, run away (5x)

Copyright 2017 Uncle Sid Enterprises


Up'n Atom (ep) - 2000
EYE ROCK! - 2010
ROCK GURU (ep)- 2013
UNCLE SID - 2017

Set List

Uncle Sid - Set List (All Original)

1. Let's Go for a Ride

2. Horns Up!

3. Empire

4. Devil with a Halo

5. The Road

6. Optimist

7. Fear of the Unkown

8. Master of Fate

9. Code Blue

10. Evilution