Uncle Skip

Uncle Skip


A funk/soul/blues/R&B revival - Band with lots of energy, female vocals, great musicianship and class. In general, we are diverse but have our own style.


Uncle Skip is what it is. Which, at this moment, is a four-piece musical outfit from the rolling foothills of Lancaster, PA. Attempts to define the band and it's genre typically require more hyphens than an English sentence should contain. We've decided to forego definition and just make music. Some things you might hear at an Uncle Skip show: New Orleans, circus harmonies, a girl singer, falsetto, syllables in place of words, a basement in Pequea, beerswilling sing-alongs and four old friends, playing their own songs. Enjoy.


We have released a few EPs - "Uncle Skip", "Mother of the World", and a few songs on their own. We also have a 15 track full length LP - "What it Is"

Set List

Our Set lists vary significantly, although we are good at always mixing in new covers to fit the specific show. We can play anywhere from 1/2 hour to several hours!