Uncle Weezel

Uncle Weezel


An altered State of hard rock


Uncle Weezel [uhng-kuh l - Wee"zel]

Rock is a continually evolving brand of music with new innovations being brought forth all the time. Although it can stagnate, there is always a new step right around the corner. Uncle Weezel is that next phase of rock music. The conception of Uncle Weezel began in early 2004 when rockers Sidd Stone and Ray Gunn wanted to fuse the raw side of dirty rock with the fresh melodic hooks of pop. They knew that even the name Uncle Weezel would get people’s attention right away. Eventually, the dynamic trio had their line-up solidified with the addition of the drummer, Kyle Allesia.

This hard-rocking trio is now starting to make noise in the Vancouver scene. Between tours from Alberta all the way to Winnepeg, Uncle Weezel is now playing shows regularly downtown in the club scene as well as all over the Lower Mainland. With the release of their demo and plenty of new material on the way, Uncle Weezel is ready to take it to the next level.

With Sidd being from the East Coast, Ray being from the central praries, and Kyle being from right here in Vancouver, this mix of styles is what fuels Uncle Weezel creatively. Uncle Weezel’s unique sound and energy packed live shows provide their solid foundation and are what set them apart from every band you ever heard. This is rock with a fresh new attitude. If you’re willing to try something different and are looking for the new direction of Rock n’ Roll, you’ve found it.


Fukc Teh Sytsem Demo
1. Abortion Jesus
2. Gilgamesh
3. Dissillusional
4. Where Ever They Go

Demo 1 No Comply
1. Valley of the Slaves
2. Cocaine
3. No Comply
4. Alfred from Yorkshire


1. Salvia Divinorum
2. Leaving Home
3. Cocaine

Set List

Set List (20 out of 35)

we play with dynamics. Add pyscedelic spice and prey on the energy of punk and grunge. We play few covers but our wide variety of tones and feel will keep u intune!