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Around the age of 15, UnCommon began rhyming. Freestyling was common at that time, but he was not. In 1995, he met fellow artist S.P. who taught him how to write. They performed often together, building a reputation for strong live shows. In 1998, UnCommon started working with Seattle based radio station, KUBE 93.3, on their feature "Roll Call." He expanded his work with the radio station to commercials and promotions including the a promotion for the Marshall Matthers LP



Coast 2 Coast Mixtape: Shadyville Edition, 2007
Coast 2 Coast Mixtape: West Coast Edition, 2007
AngP: The Focus, 2007
Miz: Many Faces, 2006
SP: How I Woulda Said It Volume 3, 2006
Li'l Fats: High Rollerz Mixtape, 2006
SP: How I Woulda Said It Volume 2, 2006
Jammin 95.5 Pimp My Ride Mixtape, 2006
SP: How I Woulda Said It Volume 1, 2005


Vocab: First and Foremost, 2006

Set List

12-15 minutes
*Can easily be expanded or shortened depending upon need

"Here Now"
"Where The Shows At"
"Not What U Expected"
"Let It Bang"
"Not Like Us" feat. Miz