Wooster, Ohio, USA
BandAlternativeClassic Rock


Unconstrained was officialy formed September of 2010. All band members have their own history to tell. We all come from different music backgrounds. We as a group are well seasoned musicians that have come together to form a new band. We are working hard to create a new sound for everyone to enjoy. We have created well over thirty original songs and still writing.

Unconstrained is unique in that we do a combination of styles similar to other successfull bands from the past to the now. Our styles combine classic rock and modern rock with a few pop tunes in the mix. Whether your musical interest consist of classic rock bands such as AC/DC, Metalica, Def Lepard, Journey, Rolling Stones, and Pantera. Or a modern rock like Green Day, 3 Days Grace, 3 Doors Down, Nervana, Korn, and Tool our styles will appeal to you. We are also creating some expeirmental tunes to fit todays generation.

Unconstrained is a group of talented musicians that seeks to break the barriers of time and send a message that hits home in everyones heart.
As an artist uses their brush, we choose to use our talent to paint a picture of love and hope without consideration.