Undaground Sam

Undaground Sam

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Grinding and hustling, I don't need a click to make me I stand alone.


Grinding and hustling is nothing new for this lyricist who has catapulted the underground rap scene in Memphis to a whole new level.

Born Samuel Wilson Jr. in the Westwood area of the Bluff City, Undaground Sam began his rap career break dancing in school talent shows and performing in front of anyone who would listen.

Growing up the youngest son of 10 children, Sam received an abundance of his inspiration from his father, due to his mothers death at the age of seven, as a teenager, Sam acquired an appreciation for rap after hearing LL cool J "I'm Bad", Sam knew he was destined to become one of the worlds most revered rap artist.

While attending Westwood High School, Sam hooked up with a DJ, which goes by the name DJ Livewire Sean Dantlzer, they both form a group call the Butcher Squad. Sam put on his hustle hat and hit the streets of Memphis, sold thousand of mix tapes out the trunk, he also performed in local clubs around Memphis, such as Club Memphis, 380 Beale and Club Flamingo and a host of talent shows. As time went on the Butcher Squad ran into some creative differences and Sam decided to pursue a solo career.

In ninetys another while known Memphis rapper who goes by Criminal E got a wind of Sam impressive skill and decided to do a Deut album N Gs We Trust Who U Trust. This album opened more doors to people outside of Memphis, which played a major role in his career. Sam has featured on numerous compilation albums such as Memphis Underground Hustlaz, Vol 1., and Memphis to tha bombed out bay just to name a few.

Standing at a towering 6'5, with the energy and delivery of a red eye flight, Sam gets relief from putting his thoughts on paper, I want to bring stones and feeling to the rap game, says UG Sam, with self preservation and by being the poster child for music industry.

Sam recently released his album titled, I know ya heard of me. Featuring the hit single Whats that bumping. The industry is gutter and you have to be careful states UG Sam.
Although Sam created the name Underground due to individuals always trying to knock him down, he maintains his love for this rap and would prove to be the next rapper to hit the scene from the dirty


I Know Ya Heard Of Me - 2006
Run Wid It - 2005
My Season Is Here - 2003