We are a rock trio that plays what we know best.


Bio of UNdefined (PA)

UNdefined was created in the early winter of 2001. Starting out as a four peice and now is a three. We've been together for almost 4 years now and have been playing shows around central PA for about a year. We recently just came out with our first album, Here's Lookin At You, last fall of 2004, and currently are working on a new project hopefully put together by this fall. 2005 is going to be a good year, check us out at a show!!


CD-"Here's Lookin' At You"
Streaming at

Set List

Intro,Step On It, Slowly But Surely, Completely Cognizant, Fallen, Opportunities, In Loving Memory, Gone Delerious, Green day cover-Boulevard of broken dreams, Wonderful Tonight-Eric Clapton remix

Set list is about 40 min long
sometimes if we have to extend it we do other originals and covers