We are a rock/trio, that can produce that full 5 peice sound with only three. We want kids to find hope in their life through whatever it is their doing, most listen to music, so we give them positive lyrics and music so that they can fit in and have a little bit of hope in their life.


The story of Undefined has been known to bring a tear to the eyes of manly men, but it shall be told nontheless. Undefined became a band in January of 2002. They grew as musicians through many small shows over the next 2 and a half years. Then in October 2004, they stepped into the studio to make their first cd "Here's Lookin' At You." To date, the disc has sold nearly 500 copies independently. **********Enter late 2005. Zach (guitars/vocals), Bryan (bass), and Isaac (drums) shifted into overdrive. Writing new songs, playing more shows, and becoming more focused, the band is now set to take over the world. They began recording their second album in January 2006 with producer Jeff Feltenberger (formerly of the Badlees) and engineer Jason Shaffer (of Grantham Road). "undefined Self-Titled" is now available to purchase on iTunes, or CDBABY.COM so Get ready for a rocking experience, cause Undefined is coming to your town!


2004-"here's lookin at you" 8-song
2006-"self-titled" 10 song-Available at
a full ist is available upon request, 29+ companies carry our digital tracks.

Set List

Another Night (2006)
Gone Delirious (2006)
Someday Somehow (2006)
Hook Line and Sinker(2006)
The Flame(2006)
Completely Cognizant(2004)
Get Out(2006)
Pitch Black(2006)
Wonderful Tonight (Eric Clapton Arrangement 2004)
In Loving Memory(2004)