Old school metal such as Overkill , Testament , and Sepatura and old Metallica meets the new school like Lamb of God or Killswith engage alot of changes.


Here is a little history about UNDEFINED. No strangers to the Columbia music scene, Undefined has been a part of the music scene in Columbia, SC for more than 15 years under various names. Beginning in the early 90s, in such bands as Hollow Cries, Against the Grain, and Mass Connection , they indulged in the performance of metal. Not the easy on the ears hair metal, but the more aggressive in your face of Slayer, Pantera or early Metallica. More recently, members of the band have been pursuing other projects, but we are also working on new material. The current lineup includes Jeff Wise on drums, Todd Osteen on Guitar and Valentine on bass and vocals. We're excited about the new possibilities to bring the music. We hope you enjoy hearing us as much as we enjoy playing.



Set List

18 Wheels, Bothersome,Fate,Slayer's Season of the abyess,White cross's,Bulleye,Not of this Earth,Hollow Kried,