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Under A Spell

Dallas, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2017 | INDIE

Dallas, Texas, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2017
Band Metal Metal




"Under A Spell- "The Chosen One" Reaction // Amber and Charisse React"

video review - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqJi-NjuFFg&t=3s

"Under A Spell rerelease "The Chosen One""

‘The Chosen One’ is the debut album from Under A Spell. Which was independently released on October thirty first two thousand nineteen. The Chosen One was re-released via Pure Steel Publishing and Sony Orchard February two thousand twenty-one. It is a collective of fresh ideas from each member. From top to bottom the album is filled with excitement and storytelling. For example, the title track tells a tale of night stalker turned victim of his prey.

There's a new brew in the cauldron of Heavy Metal. Under A Spell is an elixir of all that is Heavy Metal; past, present, and future. With an angelically powerful front woman, thunderous drums, buttery sweet bass, and a full-on guitar tonal assault. Under a Spell is claiming its position in the Dallas Metal Scene.

Under A Spell is eighty years of music in blender. Formed on a moon kissed October night in two thousand seventeen. All members bring together an artfully crafted ‘Vintage Modern’ sound, that combines years of Heavy Metal listening sonic power.

The lyrical context is saturated within the Macabe style, with spattering's of the darker side of human reality. The stories are climatic and immersing which, involves the listener into the journey of each tale told.

The music writing flows like a natural stream from the fingertips of Tom Rosser and Stergas Stockwell. When writing in our Den of Doom the chemistry between them expedites the creative process. They finish each other creative writing thoughts.

The Chosen One is currently available on all major streaming services and physical Compact Disc formats. It is the debut release filled power, passion, melody, and high gain saturation. It is a new style you haven't heard in a longtime. - Jason Hesley

"Under A Spell – The Chosen One"

Genre: Heavy
Label: Pure Steel Records
Year: 2021,2019

“The Chosen One” was released in 2019 in a digital format, while the CD was released privately by the band itself. Now it was time for Pure Steel to release it once again; save the date: February 19th!

What we’re dealing here is Metal in its dark form, which is built in a rather unorthodox way. The album’s riffs begin with Heavy Metal patterns and reach up to the -almost- technocratic US Metal logic, almost always keeping a pompous character in their complexity.

Riffs that will soon transform into complete sections of guitar themes, coexisting peacefully and harmoniously with mystery interludes that open the gates of the tracks, but also with melodic themes based on clean guitar that will make your mind float away. The lead parts -where they exist- are enchanting and reach up to the 70s.

The twist comes with Pam Rosser’s Mezzo Soprano vocals that really haunt the listener and take the material to the next level. A heretical King Diamond version? Yes and no and maybe. Let me use Diamond as a simple descriptive term or as a convenient starting point. Rosser takes the whole effort elsewhere. And she couldn’t do otherwise here, let’s face it, since the motifs in which she plays ball, are far from the frenzy of the King’s band.

To be precise, the voice sets up the ultimate game of domination, climbing in awe on every epic technocratic riff, transforming the songs into small masterpieces.

The main solos are fantastic and generally the setting of the tracks (also from a rhythmic point of view) is very smart. I’d never change or trade Smith’s obsessive playing, who plays almost like a frantic drummer instead of keeping a tempo like a normal person. You have to listen to the second half of “Voodoo Doll” which is literally based on a drum solo to fully understand the kind game that’s being played here.

From all of this, a strange, occult atmosphere will emerge that will bring to mind this heretically dark surrealism that prevailed in that “The Innocent, The Forsake, The Guilty” EP of The Mezmerist from California. Don’t make the mistake of trying to make a perfect musical balance. I am referring to the atmosphere of the whole effort alone.

The album will gradually drag you to its power and when you’ll become hooked after the first listening session and develop some kind of addiction, let’s say just a little bit, i’ll be here to sympathize, so drop a word!

My first serious excitement for 21. - Chris Papadakis

"‘The Chosen One’ by Under A Spell"

“Padurea Neagra,” kicks things off with a real whopper of a riff. It tunnels through, pressing at the edges and cascading into being. Shimmering through the line and developing something intoxicating.

“Voodoo Doll,” picks up from there and slams the world into being. The riffs are fuzzy, the vocals soar and the music is captivating. A song that truly reaches new heights.

“The Chosen One,” is the title track and it weaves its way through the whirlpool of time, pressing in on all sides, smashing down the delivery systems and pressing for the world to break free.

“Cast A Spell,” works the room, shifting and turning, brimming with confidence and light, laughing the world away.

“Atihad,” swaggers and moves.

“My Dead Life,” finishes things off with a summering and shimmer riff, with prescient power and grace.

The album is out on February 19th. - The Median Man





OUT Feb 19th, 2021


UNDER A SPELL from TEXAS, are ready to unleash on Feb 19th, 2021 on PURE STEEL PUBLISHING the debut album THE CHOSEN ONE, already seen as indipendent release in the last slice of 2020.

If you are looking for mezzo-soprano vocals and US-Metal song structures then you are sure to find the band UNDER A SPELL a new favourite.

UNDER A SPELL provides an awesome blend of Classic Meta with seventies and groovy influences, all enhanced by stunning vocals..a true added value!!!

After an intro, the first shot is VOODOO DOLL, a song with great structure and a classic metal touch, all enhanced by powerful riffing, dynamic drums and a “dirty” production.

Interesting the guitar’s solo and it will be a trademark..solo parts are gorgeous everywhere!

FOREVER DONE, after an instrumental intro full of emphasis, is another heavy ace, while following JUDGEMENT shows sharper riffs and doomy parts.

The title-track is more pressing, groovy and dirty and provides a long series of overflowing solos, while INVITATION TO A DARK SLEEP, after the rain and a soft arpeggio, shows high pitched vocals with pressing parts alternating with more thoughtful drops.

They go on with INTO THE DARK, opened by a wild drum roll and a sharp riff; an heavy and groovy tune!

CAST A SPELL is another gem with a 70’s touch, followed by an interlude which opens CRUSHED BY THE STONES.

MY DEAD LIFE ends in the best way this great platter.



1. Padurea Neagra

2. Voodoo Doll

3. Forever Done

4. Judgement

5. The Chosen One

6. Invitation to a Dark Sleep

7. Into the Dark

8. Cast a Spell

9. Atihad

10. Crushed by the Stones

11. My Dead Life


Pam Rosser VC

Jason Gully GT

Stergas Stockwell GT BV

Tom Rosser BG

Eric Smith DR





https://www.facebook.com/puresteelpromotion/ - HARDROCKHEAVYMETAL


Debut album "The Chosen One" available October 31st 2019.



There's a new brew in the cauldron of Heavy Metal. Under a Spell is an elixir of all that is Heavy Metal; past, present, and future. With an angelically powerful front woman, thunderous drums, buttery sweet bass, and a full on guitar tonal assault. Under a Spell is claiming its position in the Dallas Metal Scene.

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