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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"“Under a Banner’s The Ragged Rhythm of Rain is an exciting debut"

Review from Celine Keating, Minor 7th – Acoustic guitar
Posted on March 24, 2013
We thought we’d share this review with you all. Thanks to Celine Keating for the kind and well-penned appraisal of what we do…

“Under a Banner’s The Ragged Rhythm of Rain is an exciting debut that should introduce the UK band to a far greater audience. Their winning combination of acoustic folk and punk sensibility is reflected in hard-driving rhythms, catchy melodies and lyrics that drip with fighting spirit. Adam Broadhurst’s passionate lead vocals recall Richard Thompson, especially on the lovely “Inseparable.”

Sales of their single “Some Stories” go to the charity Help for Heroes.”

- Céline Keating, music reviewer (minor 7th, Acoustic Guitar) - Celine Keating


The band's debut album is entitled 'The Ragged Rhythm of Rain' and features the following tracks (includes Some Stories, released in aid of Help for Heroes)
The lyrics page
Steam – Copyright 2012 Under A Banner / A.Broadhurst

The future? I don’t know how this works, this organic and mechanical and magical world. We’re lost here but do we want to go back to when the hills were God green and the skies were black?

Steam, we power on through, never quite sure of the place to which we’re going. Like steam we evaporate fast; this train runs fast down tyrannical tracks.

We’re waking from the sepia dream. Find a place to feel safe from the manic machine. So onwards to never look back ’cause the cogs in the clocks are spinning too fast.

The pressure is building…

When we used to Dance – Copyright 2012 Under A Banner / A.Broadhurst

We can’t take back all of the things that we have done; too much destruction, battles lost and battles won. And so before the setting of the sun, hear our apology: We are so very sorry.

A trail of people and all those broken things. The list is years long, we don’t know where to begin. And so before the setting of the sun, hear our apology: We are so very sorry.

We think about our shadows when they were a different shape. We all knew what was wicked but we did it anyway. And now we cannot make those older shadows go away. Go away!

Hear our apology: We are so very sorry.

Inseparable – Copyright 2012 Under A Banner /Adam Broadhurst

Inseparable once we both stood, stemming the tide and damning the flood; worshipping rain but only I was. Inseparable once then let it be done, let it be done.

Inseparable once then colours started to run. Inseparable once then let it be done. A shift in our worlds then colours bleed to run. It’s forgivable now so let it be done.

‘To sever is pain,’ I used to say. Two landmasses shifting further away. No opposite force could make them stay but it’s forgivable now; no deal was made. No deal was made.

Let the sun eat the dragon for a while then let it be done.

Let us show them what we know about the death of things.

Some Stories – Copyright 2012 Under A Banner / Adam Broadhurst

Ordinary Jack was a soldier apprentice from the North African desert to the factory floor. Whistling like a soldier over hum of machinery from the time he slid his card into the machine on the wall. He never he’d ever get to hang up his rifle that jammed with all the sand that swirled around in his dreams. His friend, who used to talk about the fields where they came from, turned and took a bullet that was meant to be his.

Jacky soldiered on and met a girl at the dance hall; time was standing still as she was crossing the floor. The night it seemed to say ‘you’re in the presence of something.’ He hadn’t felt this freedom since the end of the war. In time they had a child that looked a lot like his father, another like her brother who could whistle the same; they always wanted tales of his time as a soldier. He told them desert stories again and again.

Some stories are never meant to be told but blown with the four winds to the corners of the Earth.

The world it turned regardless with its deserts and oceans – too much information for a mind on its own. But Jacky saw the stories from invisible kingdoms: That little television dominated his home. Jacky lived the life that he thought he was meant to. Drinking stopped him thinking of the hours at work. He clocked up all the years hardly leaving the island. He sharpened up his mind and put his family first.

Ordinary Jack met his end like a soldier: surrounded by machinery that he clutched as he fell. And over by the clock that for years had controlled him – up into the light till he was perfectly still. So they said goodbye to laughing Jacky the soldier surrounded by the heroes at the foot of the hill; his friend who used to talk about the fields where they came from thought about the boys, all those boys, who fell.



Under A Banner have been making powerful, passionate and poetic alternative rock for almost three years. This ‘alternative’ folk-tinged band have forged not just another band but something in which people are becoming emotionally invested in.
The last year has seen the band (who perform as a full electric/acoustic unit or as a trimmed-down acoustic 3 piece) support New Model Army; have their music used by the charity Safe World for Women; be played on dozens of online and FM radio stations, including Stafford FM; be featured in Indie Shaman magazine; play many gigs and festivals and gather the support of thousands of loyal fans in such diverse locations as South America, Poland and Indonesia.
The band has been given the official go-ahead to use the imminent release of their song Some Stories to support the charity Help For Heroes. With almost 10000 Twitter followers and a considerable following both locally and much further afield, Under A Banner are growing rapidly.