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UNderachievers have a very large catalog of music and are currently putting the finishing touches on a CD that will serve as their debut release.



On an unseasonably warm spring afternoon Sean “Seanny P” Walsh of the hip-hop group Underachievers was residing in the less than lavish bathroom of his even less than less than lavish apartment in the U-District of Seattle. Through the wall and under the calm drone of the semi-functional ceiling fan, Seanny P thought he heard fellow Underachiever member Cameron “C2B” McCracken discussing something about a local charity concert on the phone. In the same breath that he heard the phrase “Charity Gig” Sean heard “Underachievers.” Having never performed on stage as Underachievers, Seanny P became slightly alarmed, and had he not already been sitting on a commode, may very well have soiled his pants. Upon exiting the now quite fragrant lavatory, Sean would indeed learn from Cameron that Underachievers had been offered a set at an upcoming charity show due to a cancellation. The catch was that the show was the next night and the two would have only 24 hours to go from never having performed their material to taking the stage. Though there was a slight moment of hesitation, C2B and Seanny P decided they must do the show. The time between that moment and the show was filled with a late night of practice, skipping out on class early the next day to practice, a quick jaunt to the local teriyaki joint between practices, and cigarettes…lots and lots of cigarettes.

Fans of Underachievers were alerted of the ensuing show and even on such short notice; groups of fans came from nearly 100 miles to witness the performance. Local curmudgeon, Tim Tipton, a “friend” of Sean and Cameron was heard commenting, “I really only came to watch them get booed off stage,” though during the show Tim’s giant grin garnished face could be seen dancing front row, double whiskey coke in hand, having a grand ol’ time. And a grand ol’ time was had by all as Underachievers showcased their hip-hop driven, rock & pop influenced electro-laden set to scores of adorning fans and local charity supporters. Since this first performance, Underachievers have become all the more eager to create and share their music with the masses, and have been grateful for every opportunity that has allowed them to do so, performing live at a number of other clubs, bars and house parties.

Born and raised in Seattle, the duo pay homage to their local surroundings while applying personal experiences to broader issues. Hints of social themes tangle with the bigger questions of life, all the while masked in unassuming party-hop. Through their commanding control of satire, Underachievers blur the line between the silly & the serious, suggesting that it's okay to be both, just as long as they have you on your feet, remaining entertaining and energetic throughout the process. Drawing influence from artists ranging from Ghostland Observatory to GZA Genius, Jurassic 5 to Justice and Lil’ Wayne to Lynyrd Skynyrd, UNderachievers main goal is to make beats that will get you out of your seat with lyrics that at times will make you think, at times will make you laugh, and though ever so seldom, at times, may even make you shed a tear. Subsequently, for a band named UNderachievers, the group’s diligent worth ethic seems sure to succeed in ensuring their audience is having fun.