Undercover Alien

Undercover Alien


Experimental indie rock


Brian and James started jamming together just for fun a couple years back. Donny joined up a few months later (still just jamming for fun). Then after a few more months Mike (drummer) came aboard. A year later Mike left the band to pursue a recording job in New York. The band went on hiatus for a while (half a year) until they found Marc (new drummer) and now have finished their first CD and have begun playing shows again.


Seeds (2009)

Set List

No Choice (4:29)
Restless and Waiting (4:20)
A Place Thats Needed (4:41)
You Don't Have To Go (3:51)
Killing Time (4:10)
Imaginary Problems (4:37)
Our Last Goodbye (4:23)
Searching (3:47)
Better Off (4:37)
Apathetic (?)