Underculture. Thats just below culture. Unsigned. Unwanted.Our songs cover politics, love, and gardening. Our music sticks to you. You can't get it off. It rolls around in your head like a trash can in the street. Its Fast, Its Fun, Its Frantic. It will get you off, if you want it, give us a call.


Out of the vast pool of great musical talents in Madison WI comes somthing different. Three men, with completly different backgrounds in music, joining together to produce music witha fresh new feel. Utilizing their influential differences, they have put together a sound unheard in any other band known. Imposible to put into any one genre, Underculture may be best described as a Great Punk Rock Band. www.myspace.com/underculture


EP Uderculture - Released from our Car/Garage/House/Coat Pocket

Set List

One hour/All original/ 17 songs
We have more songs can do two 45min sets if needed