Underdriven is an alternative take to pop music with powerful harmonies and singing guitar melodies. With songs like "Blew It" and "Jamie", Underdriven really represents their symphonic structure on alternative rock music.


"Hey, what's up? I hope everything's cool with you. Austin is still awesome. Canada was cool for a while, but Austin will always be home, know what I mean? My new band is doing great -- thanks for asking. We're called Underdriven and everybody says we sound like Weezer and Rick Springfield, which is cool by me I guess, although I always kinda thought we sounded more like Foo Fighters. Whatever. The new CD came out great -- I hope you get to check it out soon. So, Tom is playing bass now, Errol plays guitar, and Schu plays drums. Did you know Erik (Schu) is blind? Crazy no? He plays awesome -- you'd never know. Anyhow, I sing and play guitar and I do most of the songwriting with the help of the other guys. It's not Shakespeare, ya know? I just try to write what I know -- life, girls, work, family, whatever. We're playing alot around Texas and as more people catch on to the new CD you'll start seeing us all over (cross your fingers, ok?). I think my parents are still hoping I'll get a real job soon, but this is what I love, ya know? Alright, I gotta go. Say hey to everybody for me.


"None More Black" EP 2007
"Underdriven" LP 2008

Set List

A typical set ranges from 40 to 60 minutes of all original music. Underdriven has a large repertoire of original music which is added to monthly