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Biography of Wesley A. Forte
AKA Undergrad

If you don’t have GOD, please put him your life. To have a peace of mind is to have a peace with GOD.” These words come from true man of GOD, Wesley Antoinne Forte. Wesley grew up in rural Kansas City, Missouri in St. James Paseo United Methodist Church. He has always loved music and started out as a part of the music group called, “Too Young to be True.” He performed with this group from the age of 9 to age 13 before many audiences. Growing up in the church with a God-fearing mother and many others by his side, guided him in the right direction. In the beginning of 2006 he came out with his first album entitled, “Mixtape from the Heart Vol. 1” and became well known to the public as the Undergrad. Not too long afterwards in May 2006, Wesley rededicated his life to the LORD JESUS CHRIST. As everyone, he struggled to keep the devil off of his back. In 2007 he made up his mind to truly turn his life around and live all out for the LORD. Undergrad is now a true man of GOD, who not only speaks the Word of the LORD, but also walks it. He witnesses to each unsaved soul that he can, including the students in his classroom. Anyone who knows Wesley A. Forte, AKA the Undergrad, will say that he is a man who is SOLD OUT FOR GOD. He’s been through the fire, he’s struggled through the storm, and he’s made it to the mountain top and now he can say, “I’m FREE!”


Man in the Mirror

Written By: Wesley Forte, Arieal Warren

Wake up in the morning, thanking the Lord for blessing you
Looking into the mirror, trying to look through that flaw or two
You thinking, how do I overcome the things I lack as a man
Lord if you hold my hand, I can do this
Become a better man
Man in the Mirror

Verse 1:
Lord can you help my man
I look at him daily, I don’t understand
He trust you Lord with holding his hand
But sometimes he ventures off into his on plan
Yeah, yeah, he’s very spiritual
He’s not religious, he trying to live like you
Yeah and I know that it’s true
Sometime he is mean, sometime he is cruel
So Lord what can I tell him
Cause a lot lately he doesn’t feel welcome
To your goodness mercy and grace
Sometimes he feels he living out of space
Lord so I’m on my knees I got to pray
That you change his thinking and everything he say
And that he sees life Lord, so much clearer
And Lord I’m staring at the man in the mirror

Verse 2:
Lord it seem like his situation getting worse
Seem like dead problems travel with him like a hearse
Frustrated thanking Adam for the Worlds Curse
That why he wants to change want to be Christ like on earth
Yeah, trying to build up the Lords Turf
But it seem like people close to him he always hurt
Now he really feeling lower then some dirt
He really asking God to bring him back up to his worth
He get in stinky situations something like a burp
He wants to be happy and new just like a birth
So Lord, Jesus asking please
To help him keep growing close to you and help him succeed
To have a problem free life, impossible dream
But at least he can keep people close happy
Lord, I’m thanking you viciously
Cause he will change and that makes victory, the man in the mirror

Spark Da Dark Ft: B-Humble, L.A.M.E.W

Written By: Wesley Forte, Brian Harris, Brandon Harris

Pushing Christ all the time
Our lights we got to shine
In Christ we glorify
He’s our life we testify
We got to spark da dark; yeah we got to spark da dark (repeat)
We are disciples till our last breath
And we have to save many souls till we hit death ah!
We got to spark da dark; yeah we got to spark da dark (repeat)

Verse 1: (Undergrad)
It’s a spiritual warfare with demons and angels
And they fighting over us in all different angels
They say you can’t be nothing as a blackmail
The devil send dissenting things as a blackmail
People selling they souls like retail
Your heart is locked up the Lord paid the price for your bail
Been in the dark for years I want to yall
If life was a test, It seemed I almost Failed
But, I got to give glory to God
Cause I feel so new and so alive
Like Saul turned to Paul, man I realized
That I’m nothing without Christ I recognized
That We got to save souls right now
Because it seems like the whole world is falling down
Yeah, we got to spark he dark, we got to spark the dark
Through Christ Love and living what we speaking in our arts

Brian a.k.a Lamew’s verse:
Man you can find us on the boulevard, workin hard in the field-
Cause the harvest is plenty regardless of how you fill/ (and that’s real)
Man we need to show this world Christ appeal, cause they ill-
So they live according to how they like to fill/ (so what’s the deal)
Man the deal is we got to make them love-
They filled up wit lust, the collect lust paraphernalia/
That’s why you’ll find us in a bus completely filled up-
Wit ex-thugs ready to push Christ to the hoods that deal drugs/
So it don’t matter when and where you see us-
We spark the dark wit Jesus knowing some don’t care to see us/
We stay prepared by submitting under some prayerful leaders-
And remain united cause we stay abided in koinania/
We poise to see the king; we made a choice to be on Jesus team-
Man they’ll fining for our voice once we leave the seen/
So now you see the reason we go to extremes-
To push Christ to the masses cause the masses in need
We spark the dark

Brandon a.k.a B-Humbles verse:
And I can promise one thing in darkness you’re sure to die-
You need to stand firm on Christ like when after the mortar dries/
And this is absolute truth, nah this ain’t border line-
The world won’t tell the truth so as Christians we need to draw the line/
Cause when you know the truth baby you can’t hold it inside-
Especially when it’s good news knowing that it’s gone save some lives/
I know you know some folk livin a life enslaved to lies-
So tell them bout the hope of salvation found in the Lord our God/
Tell em before they die, cause we ain’t promise tomorrow-
So this is urgent it’s more important than being liked/
That’s right and it’s more important than me and I-
Can’t horde it for myself gotta expose the darkness to Kingdom life/
Why, cause it’s not God’s desire that any man should perish for eternity after he dies-
So tell you neighbors tell your friends go head and testify-
About the gospel of Jesus we gotta take it world wide

Change Ft: Nijah Fudge

Written By: Wesley Forte

Everybody wants to be rearranged, cause nobody wants to stay the same,
So say it
I want a change yo, I want a change, I want a change yo, I want a change
Everybody still feeling the pain but we trying to get the best in this life of game.
I want a change yo, I want a change, I want a change yo, I want a change.

Been living for twenty four years
God is the only single thing that I fear
On top of that I love being me
And I’m so happy because my life is free
This is music, not playing, not a tease
People see evil things and they try to please.
We all heroin, all the money in the world
We want all the cars all the jewels and the herbs
On top of that people is getting nervous
Inaccurate situations to surface
Like school and work everything has a purpose
Give God your life, you know he deserves it
And, he’ll give you better health
You’ll have a lot more respect for yourself
God made my vision clear and I’m seeing things
One thing that I know everybody wants change.

Goodro beats man I rip them all the time
With a west coast feel, and a east coast rhyme.
I have something I want to confess
Ever since I put God in my life I’m blessed
The Lord can come and relieve your stress
Better open up your bible and read the text
You got some excude to get off of your chest
Get down on your knees pray for it to rest
If you livin proper, you will get a answer
Let me tell you a secret, there’s a cure for cancer
Past choices in my life were unsuitable
And I was held strictly accountable
All the unjust things I did before
I had to get it out my life and let it go
God made my vision clear and I’m seeing things
One thing that I know everybody wants change.

I sit back and I wonder why
Negativity in this world is running high.
A lot of people cut throat and they want to lie
The murder rate is going up, so people screaming bye bye.
Pedophiles is on myspace messin with kids
Drug dealers still perfecting the way that they live
Another thing that don’t seem real funny
Mass amounts of people degrade themselves for money
Now we got people using minerals to get over
We got the hypocrites, man I thought I told ya
Next, got the crooked politicians
Know they doing wrong, but they still hangin with it.
People do these things cause they want to feel different
Put Jesus in your heart and you will be uplifted
God made my vision clear and I’m seeing things
One thing that I know everybody wants change.


Free LP
Released February 9, 2008
Songs that is receiving airplay in radio and avalible for Streaming from the LP "Free":
1.What's you Mission
2.Just Listen
5.Man in the Mirror

Set List

My set list is usually five songs:
1. What's your Mission
2. Just Listen
3. Change
4. Free
5. Press