Underground is a hardcore blend of five individually creative musicians with a no holds bar attitude on stage. We love to play live and later drink and hang with our fans. We take our music and our fans seriously and always put on the best show everytime we play.


Underground was formed in the mid 90's by founders Heavy Valdez and Frank Cerda and has evovled in many ways to become one of the most liked metal bands in the San Antonio and South Texas Region. Fueled by the powerful riffs of Heavy Valdez and Jude Aramis, the bellowing bass of Frank Cerda, the raw drumming power of Mark Ytuarte, and the menacing vocals of Jay Cerda, Underground has evolved into one of the most recognizable Metal Bands in the San Antonio rock scene. Underground has played in many other Texas cities as well. Underground won the San Antonio's Edge Magazine's People's Choice Award for Best Metal Band of 2003. Underground has many musical influences, such as Soulfly, Pantera, Slayer, Metallica , Megadeth, Slipknot, Steve Vai, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, ACDC, the list goes on. There are many metal bands out there that are all pretty much similar, but what sets Underground apart from the rest is we are a bilingual band. We are all hispanic and we have songs that are written and sung in Spanish. We play most of our songs in english, but we also have some in spanish. We are a metal band that can reach the english speaking world, as well as the latino parts of the world.


Underground- "Undergound" Relesaed 2000
Track 5- "Do Or Die" and
Track 6- "Que Es!(Spanish)" - Airplay on 99.5 KISS FM San Antonio, Texas with Brian Kendall's Texas Tracks
Underground- "Deep" Released 2003
Track 3- "Broken Promises"
Track 5- "No Retreat"
Tarck 8- "R.I.P."
Track 10- "Last Of Me"- ALL get Airplay on 99.5 KISS FM San Antonio, Texas and 102.7 KROK San Antonio, Texas

Set List

A typical set list for Underground is about nine or ten songs. If time permitting, we will usually play two encore songs. Are set usually lasts about 45-50 minutes long.
1. No Retreat!
3. Ice Cream Serial Killers
4. R.I.P.
5. Last Of Me
6. Deep(Abandoned)
7. Blood Puddles
8. Bits And Pieces
9. For All The People
Time Permitting - Two Encores -
1. Just The Other Day
2. Broken Promises
If we do any covers, we usually do Soulfly, Slipknot, or Metallica.